2017 Street Machinery Inventory Intervention Coverage: This Show Rules!

2017 Street Machinery Inventory Intervention Coverage: This Show Rules!

(Words and photos by Mike Brooks) – Last year we introduced you to Boris and the gang at Street Machinery in Euclid OH. The “Inventory Intervention” event was so popular it’s now a 2 day annual thing so we had to go back last weekend and see what’s up for this year’s shindig. Like last year the 25,000+ square foot facility was opened up to the public.

Outside, more than 100 vehicles were on the property and up for sale. Vehicles ranged in condition from barn fresh all the way up to fully restored. For this year, there was even a bank right on the property to help you finance your dream ride or project vehicle. (Don’t worry, they won’t tell your wife either) Cool rides from all over the area also cruised in and were on display on the property.

Street Machinery has been a longtime Billet Specialties dealer, and they were there to debut a brand new wheel for 2018 and take pre-orders. Most companies wait for SEMA to launch a new product, but Billet Specialties knows what’s up! Street Machinery has long been known for some of the coolest stuff to come out of the Cleveland area. From body and restoration work, to performance and air ride suspension, custom exhaust, custom fabrication, performance brake upgrades, along with being one of the LS swap pioneers.

They’ve been swapping them for nearly 20 years! This shop really has their stuff together and knows the best parts and the best way to perform the job right. The place was crawling with motorheads that were there to buy, sell, hang out, and drool over all the cool stuff spread out all over the joint. I know Boris was able to thin the herd and sell some iron, but I know he’ll have the place packed with fresh inventory real soon. If your every cruising through the Cleveland area, you owe it to yourself to check this place out. I’m sure the next “Intervention” will be even more insane!” Check out the photos from this cool event!


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