2019 ALS Cruisin’ For A Cure Car Show Gallery: More Awesome Iron From This Fantastic Show

2019 ALS Cruisin’ For A Cure Car Show Gallery: More Awesome Iron From This Fantastic Show

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – Classics.  Essentially this is a gallery of the 50s stuff in attendance.  The styling of the 50s saw the external fenders give way to the main body extending over the tires for a more streamlined appearance.  This collection has a lot of Tri-5 Chevys, but there are also a couple Buicks, an Oldsmobile, and a few Fords.

Virtually everything from this era featured a front seat (and sometimes the back too) that felt and looks more like a couch than something for the automotive market. Those of us old enough to remember can recall the plastic slipcovers used on some of these back in the day to preserve the upholstery.  We didn’t see any this day, but we did find more than a couple using cloth/blanket seat covers which also do a pretty good job and are much more comfortable.

I enjoyed all of these cars, but one stood out to me and didn’t seem to be catching much attention from others.  The baby blue early-50s Chevy coupe really required a closer look to appreciate.  At first you’d think it’s a real mild custom. Get up on it and this ride is so much more.  For starters it has vintage six speed parts dressing up an uncluttered engine compartment. Start walking around and you’ll notice most of the opening panel corners are radiused.  The lights are frenched as is the antennae.  The lakes pipes give the illusion of a lower stance while the trimwork and subtle pinstriping add some flair.  The door handles are shaved, the Appleton spotlights, and skirts give it a bit of sled cred.  Classic tuck-n-roll covers the simple interior (but undoubtedly comfortable). Finish it off with a multiple toothed grille, chrome reverse wheels wrapped in wide whites and you’ve got a ride most of us would be proud to own.  This car’s initial appearance perfectly fits the ‘less is more’ methodology in car crafting. This isn’t ‘laid out’, it’s not chopped or sectioned yet looks perfectly proportioned and appears to be built for cruising and showing.  What more could you ask for…

Look for more from the ALS show coming soon…



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