A Fox With Hips: This SCCA-Ready 1991 Ford Mustang Is Race Ready!

A Fox With Hips: This SCCA-Ready 1991 Ford Mustang Is Race Ready!

The Ford Mustang’s star might have burned bright in drag racing, but the original pony car got it’s start in road-course racing. From the moment that Walter “Buhlie” Ford III snuck out a drop-top Mustang a month before the official unveiling, allowing a scoop and photo opportunity well before the April deadline, there was speculation that Ford was going to race the car. Of course they were…Henry Ford II was on the chip over the failure of the acquisition of Ferrari, was hell-bent to stomp the Italians deep into the dirt, and was already in the middle of working out the Ford GT-40 program when the Mustang was about to start making all sorts of waves sales-wise. Carroll Shelby was on board, Ken Miles was on board, and The Deuce was hell-bent on world domination.

It’s refreshing to see a road-course-ready Fox-body, if only because I see tons upon tons of them at the dragstrip. This little Kelly Challenge-like screamer has a laundry list of goodies. Check this out:

302 Engine: 530HP
Dart block
Ported Edelbrock heads
Port matched to Victor Jr. intake
Canton 3 Quart Accusump with electric pressure switch
Cross-over headers with custom exhaust that runs through car
Headers and full exhaust Ceramic coated
Radiator: Custom dual pass C&R radiator with dual fans and aluminum shroud
Transmission: G-Force T101A Magnesium case 4 speed with Hurst Super Shifter
Clutch: 10.5″ McLeod single disk clutch and billet aluminum flywheel
Gear ratios: 2.44, 1.85, 1.34, 1 -Rear Diff Ratio: 4.10
Fuel Cell: 8 Gallons
2,800 lbs with ballast
Front Suspension: Converted to dual A-arms with single adjustable JRI coil over shocks
Stock K-member modified and A-arms custom made by Mike Maier Inc.
Racecraft 2″ drop spindles
Rear Suspension: 8.8″ rear end with 9″ bearing axle ends
Axle tubes fully welded
Detroit Locker
Maximum Motorsports Torque Arm
Griggs Racing Panhard Bar
Double adjustable Koni coil over shocks
Tilton floor mount pedals
Wheels: Real 16×12 wheels
Hoosier R75A 12.5×25.5 all 4 corners
Front and rear window Lexan
Carbon Fiber hood and carbon rear deck lid custom made for spoiler

And that doesn’t include the entire front clip or the fiberglass rear fenders. Nothing against any drag racing Fox out there, but this little road course demon looks like it’d be a hell of a lot of fun.

RacingJunk.com Link: 1991 Ford Mustang racer

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