Astonishingly Good: This Is A 1951 Mercury Body On A 1998 Buick Riviera Chassis – Mind Blown

Astonishingly Good: This Is A 1951 Mercury Body On A 1998 Buick Riviera Chassis – Mind Blown

BangShifter Will Sanders sent us the tip on one of the weirdest and frankly coolest body swaps we have ever seen. When you think about some of the weirder body swaps we have showed you over the years there’s one defining thing that they all share which is a basic level of horribleness. The same goes for body kits to turn a Thunderbird into a 1949 Ford, an S10 truck into an early 1940s Ford, a new Corvette into an old one, etc. This is not one of those. This is far more than that. You are literally looking at a 1951 Mercury body that has been adapted onto a front wheel drive, transverse V6 powered, 1998 Buick Riviera chassis and it has been done in such a pro level way, we cannot believe it.

Granted, we’re not sure we’d be running to buy this car but just because it does not fit our taste does not reduce the sheer awesomeness of the work done to pull off this most strange of swaps. Unless we missed the boat on this and there are 100 of them running around across the country. Did we? The front wheels are not all that befitting of an old Mercury but other than that, this is a classy looking and likely a classy driving rig.

Can you imagine the confusion and sheer amount of head scratching this thing causes at car shows? Purists must hate the guts out of it. Meanwhile the owner is knocking down 30mpg on the highway, getting waves and smiles, and loving life.

We agree with Will’s sentiment in his email that the integration of the Buick and Mercury dash areas is about the most jarring part of the whole thing but there doesn’t seem to be a subtle way to pull that off.

What a freak!


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8 thoughts on “Astonishingly Good: This Is A 1951 Mercury Body On A 1998 Buick Riviera Chassis – Mind Blown

  1. Matt Cramer

    Yeah, the dash integration would have taken some really good fabrication – either a new panel between the dash and the windshield, or making a completely new dash.

    Nicely done, though. It probably would make a nice daily driver and highway cruiser. Even if what I might do if I had a ’98 Riviera and too much time and fabrication skills on my hands might have been to try and make it rear wheel drive with a six speed.

  2. jerry z

    I don’t see why waste all that effort to put on a FWD chassis. Fab skills on the car are tremendous but at the end of the day, its just a 1998 Buick. Boring.

  3. Dave

    Holy crap. I DD a \’99 Riviera that I originally bought to strip the go parts for a Fiero swap. I would never have thought this chassis would be good for anything other than a Buick!

  4. RK

    I know its blasphemy to Mercury lovers but this should have been done with a Toronado 350 FWD. I had one of those and it was rock steady. Nearly the same chassis so it would have been the same swap.

    3.8 supercharger, I could go for that, because it is a good chassis, not the sideways engine light duty crap of all the GM v-six fwds that the nineties were full of.

  5. RK

    OK, I didn’t notice that it was a late model transverse Riv. It really needs to be done with the early eighties V8 powered Buick or even better, Olds or Caddy. Still looks pretty sweet. I Always did love the 3.8 Supercharger better than the turbo…

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