Baller Block: This 901/01 Porsche Block Is Priced At $49,000

Baller Block: This 901/01 Porsche Block Is Priced At $49,000

As a guy who isn’t the world’s foremost fan or expert on Porsche cars, I have to admit to seeing this ad and nearly skipping over it because I thought it was a typo. I figured someone got a little trigger happy with the zero key and made a $4,900 block a $49,000 block. Then I doubled back and started searching some of the numbers on this thing and by God, it is a $49,000 block. At least the seller hopes that it is.

What makes this block so valuable is the year and model that it is supposed to be installed in. From what I have read, a 901/01 Porsche block is supposed to be in a very early 911. The 911 is one of the most iconic sports cars ever built and its introduction in 1963 marked the beginning of a legend. A weird point of fact is that the 911 was supposed to be called the 901. Problems arose when Peugeot sued Porsche over the name because they had rights to car names with a 0 in the middle. While Porsche renamed the car the 911, the parts carried the 901 stamping and marks for years afterwards. A kind of subtle EFF YOU to Peugeot we suspect.

This 1991cc flat six made 130hp in the car when new and while it may seem comical to spend this kind of money on just a block for a 130hp engine, consider the fact that early 911s sell for multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars and they are not going to be getting any cheaper in the coming years.

Huge money? Sure. Will someone buy it? Hell yes.

Click here for the eBay ad featuring this 901/01 Porsche block –

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3 thoughts on “Baller Block: This 901/01 Porsche Block Is Priced At $49,000

  1. jerry z

    Checking the value of a 1964 911, I can see now why the block is $49K. They only produced 235 cars that year according to Hagerty.

  2. Brendan M

    I will whittle you one out of a solid block of aluminum using only a pair of fingernail clippers, for half of what he’s asking!

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