BangShift Question Of The Day: What Is The Ultimate Racing D*** Move?

BangShift Question Of The Day: What Is The Ultimate Racing D*** Move?

Here’s something I actually expected to be doing: writing another piece on Moto2 rider Romano Fenati and his abhorrent sportsmanship actions during competition. Back in 2015, Fenati and Niklas Ajo had a bit of an issue with each other during the MotoGP race in Argentina. First, Fenati tried to kick Ajo off of his bike during a warm-up as if they were competitors in a Road Rash videogame, then during a start Fenati hit the kill switch on Ajo’s bike and rode off, leaving Ajo dead in the water, trying to push-start his bike. All of that was enough to earn Fenati three penalty points and earned him the last-place spot on the grid for the race for poor sportsmanship and aggressive behavior. Hitting the kill switch to piss off an opponent is one thing…both riders were stationary when that went down and other than Ajo flipping Fenati off as he rode away, no harm, no foul. Fenati’s kick in the middle of the corner was worth the penalty alone, but it’s what he’s done more recently that has earned ire and the swift kick completely off of the team.

During the race at the San Marino MotoGP, Fenati reached out at over 140 miles and hour and gave the brake lever of Stefano Manzi’s bike a good quick squeeze. If Manzi saw the hand touch the lever, he doesn’t seem to let on, but immediately after the brakes apply at that speed there is no doubt that Manzi knew what happened then, as the forks compressed and the front tire made a dip to the left. At low speed, that would be scary. At that speed, it’s amazing that Manzi kept the bike upright. Besides being removed from the race, Fenati was banned for two additional races, has had his contract with Marinelli Snipers (the racing team) terminated early, and has lost a deal to ride for MV Agusta. On his part, Fenati has apologized and has issued statements suggesting that Manzi should shoulder some of the blame, due to perceived issued that had occurred earlier in the race, something that Ducati team riders backed up. But even they agreed that what Fenati did was inexcusable.

This wasn’t accidental. This, like years past when he kicked out at Niklas Ajo, was well past the line of emotion and anger and deep in “stupid and dangerous” territory. It was an absolute dick move, one that could’ve put a fellow rider in the hospital or worse. Equate it to when Kyle Busch viciously shoved Ron Hornaday into the wall in Texas during a caution…it’s an action that nobody can defend that wasn’t harmless. Racing isn’t always squeaky-clean, but there has to be a moment where racers, onlookers, officials and fans can all say that what happened was completely and utterly wrong. Can you think of a moment like that? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this…

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8 thoughts on “BangShift Question Of The Day: What Is The Ultimate Racing D*** Move?

  1. gary

    I’ve read stuff for years about some of the racers and the things they’d do- can’t remember if it was Gary Nixon or Dick “Bugsy” Mann, that talked about reaching out, on the high banks of Daytona, and just giving the competitor’s bike a little shake on the tail, making him think there was something wrong so they’d back off just a little. Eddie Lawson had some stories, too, but his were mostly just intimidation tactics if someone pissed him off. This guy is off the reservation, and ought, quite simply, to be banned from racing for life.

  2. Patrick

    Matt Kenseth move on Logano, Logano is a douche but Matt’s move was inexcusable just as Carl Edwards move on Brad Keselowski. People could have been killed

  3. gary

    kill switch probably not. but the old flat track motorcycle move was coming to the flag, the guy behind dives to your left while we are both tucked in, your left hand goes to his right knee.he can’t get by and you go just a little faster for the win.worked every time.

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