Project Whistling Death: A 1967 Chevelle From The Skunkworks At Hot Rod Chassis And Cycle

Project Whistling Death: A 1967 Chevelle From The Skunkworks At Hot Rod Chassis And Cycle

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, the boys in Illinois are bringing a new and very gnarly project to life. Not content to just have one awesome build on the burner in the Skunkworks division of Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle, Kevin Tully and crew have teamed up on another bad ass build that should make the Chevrolet lovers of the world smile. Project Whistling Death is a 1967 Chevelle that when complete, will surely reset the bar for what a functional pro touring Chevelle should be, but there’s a long road to get to that point. The basis of the car is a plain Jane looking Chevelle 300 which seemed pretty solid from the outside but upon further investigation was found to be in full “evaporate” mode.

Once word got out about the project and the state of the car it was being built off of, the crew at OPG stepped up as the primary build partner on the Chevelle. As you know, OPG makes a vast array of parts and pieces for Chevelles and it isn’t an exaggeration to say that HRCC will be using almost all of them to get this car back into shape. As you will see in the photos below, there are lots of areas that need serious steel repair on this car and OPG will be right there to help. You can check out OPG’s selection of parts by visiting their website at this link.

One of the other truly unique and awesome elements that this car will have is an independent rear suspension systems anchored by a Hammerhead differential housing filled with high quality parts from Moser. HRCC is calling this their “Interceptor” IRS and this will be a system of their design that we believe will be available for home builders to purchase when it has been fully sorted. This IS NOT something that is copied from a Corvette or Jaguar. This is a setup that uses multiple (like more than 2 but less than 10) control arms…per side. Seriously. This is a thing that is happening. The setup will be anti-lock brake compatible, will work with the Hammerhead perfectly, and will have a chromemoly cradle. Hard core stuff, kiddos!

The IRS will put this Chevelle in some rare company as we’re not sure we have heard of another ’67 so equipped. The intention of this car is to be used hard, raced, and driven like it owes whoever sits in it money so the strength and durability of this system will really be put to the test.




Hilborn Fuel Injection


Nitto Tire

Painless Performance

Hammerhead Differential

Flaming River


Tech A/FX



C&R Racing

ABC Performance

Viking Performance

Shields Windshields

VFN Fiberglass

Dederichs Motorsports

McLeod Racing

Moroso Performance

Comp Cams

Dynotech Engineering


As you can see from that list, this car will literally be chock full of the best parts the industry has to offer. We dig the fact that the paint scheme will be classic and understated and not too insanely loud and modern. This car will be a sleeper in some sense because it will look like a traditional pro touring Chevelle when in effect it is a custom chassis based car with IRS and all the modern tricks. We can’t wait to see how it stacks up against machines in the genre when it is completed and run in competition.

We’re going to be filling you in one more details and information as the project progresses along and as we have been doing (and will continue to do) with the Violent Valiant, we’ll document every inch of the build from beginning to end. Speaking of beginnings, scroll down below the rendering of the Whistling Death Chevelle to see what the guys at the Skunkworks division of Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle are starting with.

chevelle death


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6 thoughts on “Project Whistling Death: A 1967 Chevelle From The Skunkworks At Hot Rod Chassis And Cycle

  1. Eric

    Beautiful. That is a dream car right there. ’67 – ’70 Chevelle’s have always been my dream project.

    Good luck with everything, can’t wait to see the finished project!

  2. Michael S.

    Wow Y’all call that vapor ware that thing is is nice shape cpmpared to the project that was my Father in Laws now my wifes 67 velle not a 300 body but still sat it’s life out in Ill.
    I can’t wait to see this one done and i really dig the stinger hood.


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