Here’s Another One For The Awful Welding File — Would You Trust This Tank?

Here’s Another One For The Awful Welding File — Would You Trust This Tank?

A while back we showed you an ATV that was booger welded together so badly that even calling it booger welding is giving what we saw too much credit. That blog item spurred the collective memory of the RideTech staff and we got the below photo from them. These guys are under a LOT of cars every summer at shows they attend because RideTech often offers a free weighing service so people can see what their car weighs and where that weight is on the corners. This is handy information when it comes to suspension tuning and other areas of ride quality. Needless to say, not every car they climb under is a Ridler winner.

Take this gas tank for example. Would you look at this and say, “OK, let’s hit the road!” Or would you look at this and say, “What the SWEARWORD, SWEARWORD, BLANKING SWEARWORD, HECK, SWEARWORD.” We’ve seen brides spanning rivers with less welding on them. Stuff like this really makes you appreciate the work that you see when you unbox new parts, see a chassis builder in action, watch a sheet metal intake get built, and otherwise observe a real welder in action. My buddy Jon over at Tube Chassis Designz likes to joke about “safety welds”. What’s that? A “safety weld” is another crappy glob of material on top of an already junky welding job. This sump is easily the most “safety welded” piece in automotive history.

The good new is that the car must be one hookin’ SOB with all that weight down low in the extreme rear of the car. Wheelstands anyone?

Thanks to Bret and crew for the photo….anyone else got any horrible welding photos? Send them to [email protected]

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15 thoughts on “Here’s Another One For The Awful Welding File — Would You Trust This Tank?

  1. Cleyus T Rickenbacher 3rd

    “See there Vern, I tolt ya I could weld that sucker up an save you all that money that fancy welder dude wanted. Got another beer?”

  2. 75Duster

    Those welds were put on too cold, the welder should have turned up the heat.
    The welder’s technical term for this is called “bird shit”.

  3. Tubbed_Pacecar

    hmmmmm……is it possible there are pigeons nesting between the trunk floor & the fuel tank? Cuzz it sure looks like they’ve been dumping all over that fuel tank:):)

  4. papichulo

    as someone who works for a living in welding quality control this makes me cry and vomit at the same time.

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