Best Of BangShift: Is This The Worst Welding Job Ever? One BangShifter Got The Job To Fix This Disaster

Best Of BangShift: Is This The Worst Welding Job Ever? One BangShifter Got The Job To Fix This Disaster

Last night, I was cruising the BangShift forums and came across a thread titled, “You should not be welding anything”. Naturally I was pretty interested to see what that was all about and what I discovered was the ugliest disaster of a welding job of all time. This is so bad, it makes me seem like a capable handler of welding equipment. As it turns out, wrencher, BS forums member, and builder extrodinare Affordillac was approached by a family friend asking if be could repair a “small crack” in the frame of an ATV his kid was having a good time on. Like almost all geaheads, Affordillac is a guy who loves to lend a hand so he told them to bring the patient to his garage for the repairs.

At the time, our hero’s only real concerns were whether he’d be able to get to the areas needing repair or if he would have to take the ATV apart. Well, that changed rapidly when the horrible scene you can see below greeted him. Apparently someone tried to “fix” this frame in a couple of places with a welder in the past and that person was entirely skill free and clueless in the “fusing metal with electricity” department. This is honestly some of the worst, most bush league, horrible “welding” we have ever seen. We understand that the tubing that the Chinese ATV is constructed with probably isn’t the best quality steel but it looks like someone tried to gas weld this junk with metal coat hangers or something!

Affordillac posted a ton of photos in a thread which is linked below. We think he is actually going to fix this and when he does, we’ll update you on what the final product looks like. The good news is that even if he did the repairs with a hand tied behind  his back and his eyes were blindfolded he’s make this look nicer. Incredible.

More photos of this globule of welding fail can be seen here 

Picture 2 Picture 3

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12 thoughts on “Best Of BangShift: Is This The Worst Welding Job Ever? One BangShifter Got The Job To Fix This Disaster

  1. john

    At first glance it looks like a foot of someone who died in a fiery crash and it was fused in place. Someone call “Bones”! 🙂

  2. rtm 01

    Hate welding that stuff get out the oxy and braze it gold and orange. Death will acour if use of blue rod

  3. Dan

    Looks like a place in Delaware that try’s to do exhaust and other mods called Rihno linings of de they did a exhaust job looked like this crap job

  4. Joe Pakiela

    Beyond scary! I see a lot of really bad welds especially on chassis components at car shows. One of the most dangerous tools ever us the wire feed MIG welder in the wrong hands! And unfortunately some of the so called weldors I have seem on TV car shows don’t help. First off I see these mental giants welding while wearing a T shirt. Burn baby burn both now and later as in skin cancer. If you plan on getting one of these machines please learn to use it properly! They are a great addition to your shop.Check local school systems,many have welding classes. Sorry got carried away, yeah me? I’m a retired pipefitter/plumber with many years of welding experience. TIG,MIG oxy/act.stick.

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