Do You Know How To Get The Right Shifter Position On Your Tremec Transmission? Watch And Learn How To Change It.

Do You Know How To Get The Right Shifter Position On Your Tremec Transmission? Watch And Learn How To Change It.

Tremec transmissions have some cool features that aren’t just about handling huge amounts of power and providing a great driving experience for your engine. Nope, a lot of what makes driving stick car fun is the actual work that you, the driver, are doing to make the car go down the road. Working the clutch and shifter while also manning the steering wheel, brake pedal, and gas pedal see daunting for new drivers but once you do it a bit it becomes second nature. I drive a stick car most days and I don’t even think about it. Hell, sometimes I’m shifting the thing with no clutch and matching revs without even realizing it. But if someone is riding in the car with me they’ll look down and wonder how I’m doing all of it without moving my left foot. Well that’s a story for another day, but know that none of that would be possible without everything lining up and working together. And that means the shifter as well.

Not only does the shifter have to be precise and controlled, so it doesn’t flop around like the factory crap, but it also needs to be placed where it is comfortable for the driver. This is not always the simplest thing. Different seats, different sized drivers, and different driving positions can drastically change the perfect shifter location. This is one of the great things about a Tremec transmission. With the right know how and parts, you can move your shifter to the ideal location for your particular project and circumstance. In this video, our boy Mad Matt Graves from American Powertrain is showing how the shifter mechanism on the Tremec works and how to change the orientation and location of the shifter. It’s Matt, so he’s always got something entertaining to say, and he’ll make sure you understand how to do this yourself by the time you’re done watching.

Click the play button and see how you can get the ideal shifter location!


Tremec Shifter Position Tech

Back in the shop with some more tech. We go over how we set up the shifter position for Tremec Transmissions. Got an LS swap in an import car? We can help with the shift position on that too. #savethestick #americanpowertrain #Tremec

Posted by American Powertrain on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

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