Watch This BMW S85 V10 Crank Out 720 Naturally Aspirated Horsepower On The Dyno!

Watch This BMW S85 V10 Crank Out 720 Naturally Aspirated Horsepower On The Dyno!

When we think of stroker engines it is always big and small block V8s, right? Whether we are talking about the 383 Chevy, the 347 small block Ford, the 514ci big block blue oval jam, or the 500ci Mopar, these are the defacto engines and displacements that fill our brain. Not today! This dyno video shows a bad ass BMW S85 V10 that has been stroked to 5.8L cranking out 720 naturally aspirated horsepower on the engine dyno. From the factory the S85 was a tough customer. More than 500hp from the dual overhead cam mill that was the first V10 to be stuck into a production sedan that we know about.

Produced from 2005-2010 the S85 engine won a bunch of awards for its refinement, engineering, and power output. The original engines made their peak power at 7,750 RPM and could rev to 8,250 RPM and while we do not know what this one is revving to we’d suspect that it is definitely in that neighborhood. The thing kind of has that weird V10 moan at first and then when the revs climb it starts yelling and screaming in a properly awesome way.

The S85 engine has been used by drifters all over the world, interestingly. It makes the right power and torque to kill tires at will so that makes total sense, right? The stock bore and stroke is 3.6″ and 3.0″ respectively. It has dual overhead camshafts and this one seems to have had the factory variable valve control removed, at least that is what we can gather. Our favorite thing about the engine is the 10 individual throttle bodies which are all controlled electronically.

A technological marvel from the factory hot rodded to make 170hp more than stock. That’s a big time win whether you like BMWs or not!

Press play below to see the horsepower ooze out of this BMW stroker V10 –

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