Come At Me, Bro: If McTaggart Wants To Throw Down I’ll Bring The House – Here’s Your Dart, Kid!

Come At Me, Bro: If McTaggart Wants To Throw Down I’ll Bring The House – Here’s Your Dart, Kid!

Things escalate quickly around here. If you saw the item earlier today with the freakish S10 truck, I happened to mention McTaggart’s name in that one. Well he apparently was offended at such a thing so he went and posted some horrid looking little car and was goading me into buying it for reasons unknown. I was being kind and he took my kindness for something else and so I’m here to remind him that I am always game for a blog war and with friends like Shelton Schuster in my corner, he’s in deep dookie if he wants to go down this road. Shelton sent me the link to this thing which began life innocently enough as a 1965 Dodge Dart.

The thing that kills me about cars like this is the fact that once upon a time, this car was the pride of someone’s life. Maybe it was a kid buying their first set of wheels or an old lady replacing some ancient clunker, but for a brief shining moment, when this 1965 Dart was delivered it came into the life of someone who was really happy to have it. After that, all bets were off and this car has had unspeakably bad things done to it. Don’t believe me? Even if you were listening to this as an audio book and had no ability to physically see the subject you’d know it was a train wreck after I went over these simple bullet points:

1965 Dodge Dart with second generation Firebird nose

Targa style roof

Fiberglass lumb hoodscoop

Tiger print seat covers

See what we mean? There’s no getting away from the fact that it is going to be a nightmare. The greatest design house in the world could not make those elements into a workable, visually appealing car. Which brings us back to McTaggart. He and his wife Haley just finished moving into a house that they busted their butts fixing up. They deserve something nice to cruise around in. With McTaggart’s “eclectic” tastes in all things automotive, this little number must be ringing his bell pretty hard. Hey, at least the one I am telling him to buy has paint on it which is more to say for the abomination he suggested I buy.

Play your cards right and you may NOT get some sort of incurable disease from those seat covers. Seriously, who does this?

Here’s McTaggart’s dream car with seat covers the same color as his undies –

dart1 dart2 dart3 dart4 dart5


Click here for the full listing with all the photos for this freaky Dart

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12 thoughts on “Come At Me, Bro: If McTaggart Wants To Throw Down I’ll Bring The House – Here’s Your Dart, Kid!

  1. john

    They have had that car for sale for years, since they probably store it inside it won’t end up like the cars in northern VT. They should leave it outside.

  2. Matt Cramer

    That poor Dart.

    I want to find whatever unfortunate Firebird got stuck with the Dart’s nose and fix both. Not sure what I can do about that interior though…

  3. NOVA427SS

    Picture this…Chester Cheetah`s daily driver spitting out Cheetos from a set of side pipes. Pure marketing genius.

  4. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    What’s with the cars that make you puke theme, Brian?

    This is yet another barf-mobile and if that’s an expression of your taste in cars – well – I’m glad I live thousands of miles away from you and I NEVER will see the inside of your house.

    But maybe it would be interesting to see what the inside of the biggest hoor’s handbag in the world looks like….

  5. 75Duster

    Burn it, save us all from the Mopar / Pontiac cross breeding as it doesn’t work for either party. I’m sure Pontiac people would agree with me.

    1. ratpatrol66

      I agree 75Duster 100%!!! Pontiacs and Mopars should never mate!!! I would run this car off the road if we crossed paths!!! So wrong in so many ways.

  6. BS

    I can see Bryan and Haley cruising Somerset in that. EVRYBODY would be looking…….for one reason or another.

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