Craigslist Hilarity: Ad For An LT1 Powered Pontiac Trans-Am Convertible Or Future Ex-Wife Is Awesome

Craigslist Hilarity: Ad For An LT1 Powered Pontiac Trans-Am Convertible Or Future Ex-Wife Is Awesome

This is one of those jaw dropping Craigslist ads that just makes you both smile and shake your head in sympathy with the poor guy who wrote it. Basically what we have here is a dude who is having to sell his 1997 Pontiac Trans-Am. The same guy is also apparently getting divorced from a woman who he does not seem to fond of. The way he manages to compare and contrast the car and his (soon to be) ex-wife is hilarious. Yes, it is kind of mean but we’re guessing that she isn’t exactly running around the place and praising him either.

We have showed you some pretty stinking’ hilarious “angry spouse” CL ads over the years her but this one may actually take the cake. There is not a single photo of the car, no real hards sales pitch to move it, but there is a guy writing something that you KNOW he took a lot of pleasure in. We’ll provide a link to the ad below, but first, here’s the text in case the original listing gets lost to the internet vapors!

(Because we’re pretty much certain this one will be disappearing fast, here’s the text of the ad for your reading pleasure) – 

I got to get rid of both….
Ive got a 97 Pontiac TransAm convertable for sale…

HER or the CAR?

Your Choice…

But The Car is Better Looking & A Whole Lot Cheaper!

1997 Pontiac TransAm Convertable

As much as this car & my wife are loved and will be missed. I am forced to part with both, So my loss is your gain here. The car has less than 73,000 miles on it, her- a little more-just saying. The car has never seen snow, she can be as cold as ice. The car was garage stored when not in use, she is making me move out to the garage. This car has extraordinary acceleration with the 5.7L LT1 V8, superior handling, excellent value, head-turning looks, unique interior design, great fuel economy, and a throaty boasting exhaust, which beats a bitchy mouth any day.

Lets Compare Spec’s

1997 Trans AM
Soon To Be Ex-Wife

Muscle Car
Pretentious Witch

Drop top model
Snob Model

High Performance Motor
Motor Mouth Low performance brain

Extraordinary Acceleration
Wants Reparations

5.7L LT1 V8 producing 385 hp @ 5900 rpm
36 27 39 @ 5″8′

Produces 420 lb·ft at 4600 rpm
Produced My Kids

4-speed automatic Transmission
1-Speed… Slow

Active Fuel Management
Active Micro Management

Independent Four-Wheel Suspension System
Fully Dependant Decision Making System

StabiliTrak electronic stability/traction control
Unstable & No Control

Competitive/Sport modes
Vindictive Modus Operandi

Launch Control
Launches argument at every opportunity

Standard Air Bags
Mother In Law Windbag

Appearance Package
Gave Up on Appearance

TA Specific Taillamps and Wheels
used rear end needs clearence lights


Headlamps with Integrated Halo Rings
Devil Horns Glowing red eyes and sags in all the wrong places

Variable-Rate Power Steering
Variable-Rate Bitch Mode

Throaty Exhaust
Throating Nothing Ever

Precision Handling
Loose on entry

Under 73k Miles
Over 730k Miles

Supercar Performance
Winning Drama Performance

Neon Trim Lighting Color Matched To Interior
Carpet does not match the drapes

16 cty/24 hwy mpg
2 hours between Tim Hortons

No stripe package
Baby Stripe package-in Stretch Mark White

Competitive/Sport modes
Passive/Aggressive Modes

Brembo Four Piston Disc Brake Systems
Doesn’t Know when To Stop

Two Tone Leather Interior
To Tan Leather Exterior

Never had any problems
Too Many to list

Full Onboard Diagnostic System OBD-II
Unable to Diagnose Problem

Rack and Pinion Steering
Armpit Rack

Car runs good, drives good, brakes are good, top is in good shape, stops good.
Cant say that about my ex….





CL Ad Link: 1997 Pontiac Trans-Am or soon to be ex-wife?

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  1. 75Duster

    I hope he gets rid of her before he sells the car. My condolences to the seller of the Trans Am.

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