This 1971 AMC Gremlin Road Test Video Will Have You Chuckling For Sure

This 1971 AMC Gremlin Road Test Video Will Have You Chuckling For Sure

There are lots of cool old “Car and Track” videos out there that depict the 1960s-1970s automotive television show testing cars, going to the races, and generally being awesome but this one may take the cake. What you are about to watch is the 1971 road test of the then brand new AMC Gremlin. The 96-inch wheelbase car that was designed to take on the other (as the show calls them) “minis” at the time. Using lots of parts from the Hornet bin, AMC managed to create an unique and pretty iconic car that really stopped traffic and continues to today. Seriously, when is the last time you glimpsed at a Gremlin and didn’t look back?!

The test model that the show had was not a Gemlin X V8 model. It was powered by the tried and true 258ci AMC inline six engine that made a claimed 150hp. As you will see, the thing was not exactly a killer on the acceleration, braking, handling, or slalom fronts but man this video is fun to watch. From the interview with the AMC executive about how they chose the name to the road test itself we really think you are going to dig it. Watch now!


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6 thoughts on “This 1971 AMC Gremlin Road Test Video Will Have You Chuckling For Sure

  1. 75Duster

    My friend’s 13 year old son just inherited a Gremlin X recently and he debuted it at his parents Mopar party last week. Cool car with lots of potential.

  2. ColinV

    To me it’s a cool car and I would drive one, but as a stock tester…
    Giving up the acceleration times might have been enough not sure they had to add “with no wheel spin or traction loss” probably wasn’t a concern anyway.
    I did like the footage of the run through the cones it was nearly identical to the 75 Matador I had as a kid, in that cornering was a handy way to remove the chrome from the door handles by dragging them on the road.

  3. brian spink

    “its heavier which gives it better stability in a cross wind”- just what i always look for in a car!!

  4. Greg

    I understand at one point the soft sunroof was offered as a no cost promotion. Dealers had so many warranty problems with them they stopped telling customers about it.
    My 73 Gremlin X with 258 and 3 speed had lots of wheel hop at the dragstrip. It ran high 18’s in the quarter.

  5. tw

    One of my dragracing friend just built a 73 Gremlin in bright orange . It`s a real eye catcher . Everybody stops and take pictures of it . One time a dude stopped and said : hey man , cool pinto… and younger teenagers asked if it was a Geo Metro…but whatever it catches attention and it`s oddly cool.

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