This Criagslist Camaro Is Truly One For The Books – At Least It Has A Big Block In It?

This Criagslist Camaro Is Truly One For The Books – At Least It Has A Big Block In It?

There’s a place to begin with this 1977 Craigslist Camaro, I’m just not sure where it is. The thing has a very Mad Max vibe happening with the holes chopped in the hood and the lack of doors combined with the roll bar and stuff. It has a big block in it, which is a fire breathing rat of the 1980 vintage so it makes at minimum 180hp and maybe as much as 250 when tuned all the way up. The seller claims that there is a timing issue and a misfire under load because of the timing. It isn’t like that would be the result of a flat cam or anything of that nature. Nope, the guy says you just need to put a light on it and all will be right with the world.

Sure the exhaust manifold gasket is leaking which is an easy fix and yes, the bolt to tension the power steering broke of in the water pump but there’s a bungee chord handling the tension duties so no worries there. The seller does make the brutally honest move of warning potential buyers that this Camaro is not a vehicle for the “weak”. We’re not sure if that is the weak hearted, weak minded, or weak of stomach, but safe it to say if any part of you is weak, skip this Camaro and buy a freaking Prius ya big pansy!

I’m going to let the ads and photos do the rest of the talking because…well you’ll see why.

Thanks to John Fullenwider for the tip on this one!

Here’s the original text of the Craigslist Ad in the event it gets yanked down –

This 1977 Camaro SS is a little rough around the edges. I will be honest, it is not in the best condition looks wise. What is does have though is the power under the hood to make it worth it. This vehicle has a ’80 model 454 BB under the hood with a TH350 for that power to go somewhere with. It has an aftermarket rear end (unfortunately i don’t know the gearing). It runs Ok due to a slight timing issue but anyone that can time a car can get the thing running smooth as silk real quick. The only issue is a misfire under load because of the timing so it is drive able just not top running condition. The Right bank exhaust manifold gasket has a leak but can be changed quickly. The power steering pump tension bolt sheered in the water pump and needs to be removed but the power steering is working with help from a bungee cord. I haven’t had the time to remedy the problem. When running at peak it rides like a bat out of hell and will give you a run like none other. I will warn you, this thing it a rough noisy ride though. This vehicle is not for the weak. Really what is for sale due to the poor body condition is the motor and trans with very little actually going to the body in terms of monetary value. I figure someone will be able to do with it what they want. If you are looking for a drive able project or just a “take all the parts” car, this is for you. I am not willing to part out. The 2000 is firm but I am willing to trade for a lot. Including things like: things that go boom, running trucks, running semis (old beet haulers, KW, Freightliner ect.), very limited cars, some atvs, dirtbike, utv ect. Just text with your offer and I wil try to get back to you as soon as possible. I will not deliver it. I know it may sound high on the price but I feel it is a fair amount for what is there. It is street legal and has a clean Idaho title. This is a head turner that atracts a lot of attention


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12 thoughts on “This Criagslist Camaro Is Truly One For The Books – At Least It Has A Big Block In It?

  1. Bryan McTaggart

    I love 74-77 Camaros…and this thing kills that for me. You poor, poor car…

  2. CelticFrostedFlakes

    does anyone else wanna buy this piece of crap then sue the owner for false advertising there was no camaro ss in 1977 what a tool

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Why not finish the job? A few more cuts and this sad sack of Chevy-doody will just be an unpleasant memory. Mad Max would have blown this guy’s bollocks off for even daring to take this thing near a road!

  4. geo815

    The only things that come to mind while taking in the enormity of this beast is “What song do you want to hear?” followed by banjos. I’m no Camaro fan, but that is a crime against mullets eveywhere.

  5. 440 6pac

    As much as I hate Chevys and specially Camaros, I’d never do one this kind of injustice. The best thing that can happen now is for it to be put out of its misery.

  6. elkyguy

    the only thing i’d have off of that pile IS the license plate(big godzilla fan)

  7. Norse

    Needs 36″ mud tires on all 4 corners and a set of the bull balls hanging off the back to be complete.

  8. nxpress62

    should it bother me that im the only one that seems strangely attracted to it? It’s like the dune buggy from hell..

  9. rough

    Maybe some one should just make this thing into a sand buggy or something similar. It’s just about so darn ugly that it could be fun. I mean. No real doors mean easy in and out, well if your young. And if you don’t mind all the holes in it and the bugs in your scalp it might not be that bad. I mean some folks see this as a rat rod I see it as a party wagon. Plus with naked girls on the back who wouldn’t want to own this thing….?

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