The Dodge Challenger Hellcat Is Coming And You Can’t Stop It – 600+ Horsepower!

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat Is Coming And You Can’t Stop It – 600+ Horsepower!

(Words by Bryan McTaggart) – After years of speculations, false starts and rumor mills, the Dodge Challenger SRT “Hellcat” has been officially announced. While Dodge hasn’t officially released the power ratings for the Hellcat 6.2L supercharged Hemi, it is widely assumed to be between 640-680hp, with torque somewhere near 640 ft/lbs, at least for automatic cars (it’s all the eight-speed auto can handle). The air dam and grilles have been deepened for better airflow, and the Brembo brake system that the SRT cars are normally equipped with appear to have been upgraded. And yes, Virginia, that loudmouthed, tire-killing, all-American barge comes packing a six-speed manual with a third pedal and a stick, not touch-to-shift paddles.

The fact that the Hellcat exists at all after all of the turmoil that Chrysler has been through speaks volumes. The fact that it is pushing about as much power as the Viper tells me that Chrysler doesn’t have the same fear of overpowering the halo car (unless this is going to be the halo car – ed.), like GM does with the Corvette. And all of this is, according to the five-year plan unveiled by Sergio Marchionne, is just the start of things to come for Dodge.

The good old days are here again.

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8 thoughts on “The Dodge Challenger Hellcat Is Coming And You Can’t Stop It – 600+ Horsepower!

  1. 38P

    Was that a super “bird?”

    Really, not even Italians nor Detroiters need resort to obscene gestures to sell a car. And certainly not a portly one like Challenger . . . .

    Dodge, of course, is apparently popping the cap on the “Hellcat” during the S550 platform’s introductory year . . . When the real, legendary heavy hitter of the class . . . Shelby GT500 . . . is temporarily on the bench . . . Maybe this will get the myopic Glass House gangsters motivated to offer an “EcoBoost” V8 . . . .

    Of course “Hellcats” will probably be so rare and seldom-driven that they’ll almost be vaporware . . . Expensive, dealer price-gouging vaporware . . . .

  2. familyguy81

    Jesus man, can’t you just appreciate a car for what it is. So there pic has a guy flipping the bird,so what. Has everyone lost there balls these days?

    1. 38P

      1. Let me correct the foregoing “tweet” (undoubtedly texted in while driving):

      “[C]an’t you just appreciate a car for what it is? So their ‘pic’ has a guy flipping the bird . . . So what! Has everyone lost their ‘balls’ these days?”

      2. Dodge’s apparently crude and crass advertising (i.e. the “Birdman of London,” nee Turin, nee Auburn Hills) has nothing to do with whether or not the “Hellcat” is any good as an automobile.

      (BTW, I’ve gotten more “single digit salutes” from hybrid and “S-box” drivers than I’ve ever gotten from anyone in 400+ h.p. supercars).

      3. As a parent, I do not need any “help” from “Madison Avenue” through its paid, force-fed advocacy of an increasingly vulgar popular culture. There are already enough corrosive messages that us responsible parents must constantly fight against.

      4. Whether or not one approves of obscene gestures as advertising has absolutely nothing to do with the quality or number of one’s testicles.

      5. I submit it takes more “balls” to stand against the slouching-to-the-bottom tide of doggerel culture than it does to “go with the cesspool flow.”

      6. How about growing up, familyguy81? Ad hominem attacks are a fatally weak basis for supporting your argument.

      1. familyguy81

        As a parent of three and a United states marine corps veteren, I believe I may be a bit more grown up than you might think.

      2. Whelk

        Flipping the bird in photos is cliche that it has just become tiresome and makes the flipper look like an idiot.

    1. ksj2

      Agreed.Id have had a shot of the passenger side of the passenger “Shooting the moon” LOL.BTW I cant wait to see it.Yes they are heavy,so what.When I was searching for a new car in 2012 I drove all 3.Camaro I could never get comfortable in.Hated the seats,arm rest and it was worse than a Challenger for blind spots.Opinion of the Mustang is “If” I wanted bang for the buck for just performance it would be my choice.Cheap looking interior and legroom in the back resembled a 65-66 Mustang.Thus it was a no go, I wanted something with 350 plus HP,Hold 5 passengers comfortably,have the best retro look and had a great safety rating.Thus I bought a Challenger.Would I buy a Hellcat? Probly not,unless I test drive one.LOL.

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