Don Prudhomme Gives Eye Witness Account Of Tony Stewart Back Injury – Sand Rail Crash

Don Prudhomme Gives Eye Witness Account Of Tony Stewart Back Injury – Sand Rail Crash

Many of you have likely heard that NASCAR driver and team owner Tony Stewart suffered a serious back injury a few days ago. To this point there have been very few details, no one knew the severity of the injury, and no one really knew how it happened. All of that has changed in the last few hours as NBC Sports has published a pretty remarkable report about the entire situation and the guy who was giving all the information was none other than Don “The Snake” Prudhomme. The Tony Stewart back injury was caused via a hard landing in a sand rail on the dunes in SoCal where he, Prudhomme, Ron Pratte, and Ray Evernham, Jeff Gordon and others were out for a day of fun and speed in the sand.

According to the report, Tony Stewart got separated from the group for some 90 minutes before someone alerted Prudhomme that there was an injured person on the other side of a big dune. The men rushed over to Stewart who was lying outside of the sand rail and in serious pain. Summoning their resources the guys drove Stewart off the dunes and had Ron Pratte’s helicopter fly him to the hospital. Prudhomme’s quote of the Jerry Bonkowski penned piece was this one:

“What happens in the dunes, there was kind of a big mound and he flew over it and came down hard on the shocks,” Prudhomme said of Stewart. “In other words, it bottomed itself out. What happened then, it drove the seat up into his ass, basically. It was like, BAM! He hit really hard, but we were running pretty fast.”

Who in the world would have expected Don Prudhomme to be the guy that shed light onto the Tony Stewart back injury story?! This does once again prove that he is the coolest guy who ever lived.



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7 thoughts on “Don Prudhomme Gives Eye Witness Account Of Tony Stewart Back Injury – Sand Rail Crash

  1. Geoff Nilson

    Ok, if I was Tony Stewart, I would be pretty pumped to be hanging out with “The Snake”. On the other hand, I would also be a little more careful about the next dune.

  2. Piston Pete

    It’s a drag that Tony got hurt. I’ve been a big fan since his USAC days and was hoping to see him have a good send off season, while keeping my expectations conservative based on the events and circumstances of the last few years. If he never drives a race car again he has proven himself to be one of the grittiest, most versatile, hardest driving and hardest driven men to ever strap into these machines that will maim and kill you if you are not able to attain and maintain the focus and deft touch to control them.
    A lot of people think Tony is an asshole, and he may be, I don’t know him but I have followed his career and he is as good as it gets in terms of what he has brought to motorsports both as a driver and team owner/businessman. I hope to see his involvement continue in as many forms of racing as he chooses to participate in. Good Luck Smoke, it was always fun watching you hang it out. . . . and for the record, I agree with Brian; Don Prudhomme is the coolest man that ever walked the earth. “All the guys wanna be his pal, all the girls wanna be his gal.”

  3. Loren

    As cool as sand rails can be (and I’m sure he was driving the best), I’ve never seen one with a truly smart progressive-rate scheme on the suspension. There may be huge capability and travel and great bump stops, but when you’re out of that travel, your out. It was my distinct non-pleasure last fall to take a ride in an old-school rail with a guy who crested over a hill to slam into a rut…there was just nothing to do except experience the pain. Lucky me, it only took a couple months to go away. Tony was surely in a far better car, but probably going much much faster. Kind-of a dumb way to have to injure yourself, really.

  4. Donny Chops

    Best wishes and get well soon. Maybe it’s time to retire now and not wait until the end of this year. Been dealing with back injuries my whole life and you will be lucky if it gets much better than right now. Even after surgery’s.

  5. Scott Liggett

    I am wondering if a “Tony Stewart” clause will start showing up in future driver contracts keeping them from driving anything but a grocery getter for fear of them getting hurt on their days off. This is something that has been in other sports contracts for years.

  6. Piston Pete

    I just wanted to add that if the lead-in photo to this article was taken when Tony checked into the hospital Sunday, they obviously started the morphine drip in the helicopter. Lookin’ good, Smoke.

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