eBay Find: This 1964 GTO Is Our Idea Of Pro Touring With A Soul

eBay Find: This 1964 GTO Is Our Idea Of Pro Touring With A Soul

Balance is one of those all-important elements in car building and when someone’s vision strikes a great balance between modern and classic, we’re all in. The case of this 1964 GTO is a perfect example of that and it is a car we’re pretty much in love with. Some pro touring builds lose the feel of the car that they’re based on and basically they become a modern car with a classic shell. That’s cool in the realm of competition because the car is undoubtedly going to be a worker on the race course, but in terms of how people perceive the car, it certainly kicks it down a few notches. To us, the neatest thing about this ’64 GTO is that the builder thought of all that stuff and managed to pick and choose his way through the process of building the car and he really did a great job making sure the car made sense and stayed a Pontiac.

The first thing that’s obviously neat is the completely stock body. There are no flares, wings, spoilers, air dams, or other attempts to make this look like a race car. The classic lines of a 1964 GTO slathered in white with some chrome are more than enough to get people looking. The second thing he nailed was the engine because he stuck with a Pontiac 389 and not a modern LS or something like that. Yes, the car was originally a four barrel equipped machine but his addition of tri-power is appropriate and cool. Moving along to the interior, we’re back to classic looks and just plain nice stuff as the white interior looks fantastic. The American Powertrain sourced manual transmission rules because it was a “four speed out five speed in” situation. More gears are more better. The dash is stock outside of a couple supplemental gauges.

The builder added Wilwood front disc brakes which was a good move because ’64 GTOs are notoriously bad at stopping on the stock four wheel drums. Finally there’s 274/40/18 rubber wrapped around Torque Thrust wheels on all four corners, again blending the modern size of the tires and wheels to a classic design. It is a runner as the owner took it to Power Tour in 2013.

Are we soft? Is our opinion wrong? You tell us.


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eBay Link: This 1964 GTO combines modern and classic perfectly

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10 thoughts on “eBay Find: This 1964 GTO Is Our Idea Of Pro Touring With A Soul

  1. familyguy81

    I couldn’t agree more with this car. Not over done and actually proves that you don’t have to put an LS in every freaking thing.

  2. 75Duster

    It still retains the classic lines of a 1964 GTO with some tastefully done modernization, I actually like it.

  3. Nick D

    Very nice and props for keeping it Pontiac-powered. If I’m at a show and see a B-O-P with Chevy power, no matter how nice, I usually just walk away

  4. 440 6Pac

    This is a very well done car. It’s refreshing to see something that doesn’t have an LS stuffed in it.

  5. Matt Cramer

    I like it. Nothing too over the top, just some good, solid, basic improvements. And keeping it Pontiac powered is great. Engine swaps can be fun, but sometimes not swapping the engine makes a bigger statement.


    More often than not I can look at a car and figure out what I wold change about it if it were mine. I’m having a real hard time finding a single thing on this car.

  7. Anthony Castillo

    No Brian you’re not soft on this Goat at all. If fact you’re 100% engorged!!! I love 64 GTO’s. The car is almost perfect. I would prefer just a little more side wall on the tires. Maybe a wheel no bigger than a 17 would be more to my liking. I wish the seller had posted a photo of the car from the side so we could see the stance better. I would like this car even if it did have an LS in it.

  8. Nick

    This is exactly what im doing to my 67′ GTO. Stock body and interior, real pontiac power, 5 speed, 4 wheel discs, 18″ mag G’s, but i’m going with a taller profile on the tires 245/45/18’s in front and 265/50/18’s in back.

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