Epic Troll Bernie Ecclestone Declares F1 ‘Worse Than It Has Ever Been’, Tells Reporters He Wouldn’t Pay To Watch

Epic Troll Bernie Ecclestone Declares F1 ‘Worse Than It Has Ever Been’, Tells Reporters He Wouldn’t Pay To Watch

If there is one thing that Formula One honcho Bernie Ecclestone can never be accused of it is hiding his feelings. The guy says what he thinks and has built up a layer of armor around him thick enough that he can literally say whatever it is he wants and never break stride. Even when he says things that aren’t that far off of the truth, the delivery of that information is what gets people all cranked up.

Just the other day Ecclestone attended the first Formula One test session of the year and promptly declared that F1 is ‘worse than it has ever been’. He also went on to tell reporters that he would not pay for a ticket to take his family to a race in the current configuration that the sport is in. Among other comments he declared the manner in which the whole thing is run illegal, and essentially urinated all over everyone’s head that is involved in Formula One racing. I watch snippets and pieces of F1 races when I catch them on TV. I am not a guy with a favorite or someone who knows lots about any of the teams or drivers but I do enough racing stuff that I feel like I understand what they might be feeling now.

This would be the equivalent of Brian France standing out in front of a crowd at the beginning of speed week in Daytona and saying, “Yeah, this series is in real trouble. I cannot believe that anyone even shows up anymore.” For the racers this is an annoying and angering thing to hear. To team owners it makes them puke because if the guy running the show says this, how are they supposed to sell sponsorships on cars to cover the team?

We’re not sure it is unprecedented but we can never remember a time when the leader of a racing organization, especially the most famous one in the world, openly took a dump on his own product. Can you?

Not being a hardcore fan like some of you, I’ll leave debating the merits of his points to those of you know what’s going on. Me? I’m just going to stay tuned with some fresh popcorn and watch the show.

Click here for the full story of Bernie Ecclestone Taking A Dump On F1 Racing

Bernie Ecclestone

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13 thoughts on “Epic Troll Bernie Ecclestone Declares F1 ‘Worse Than It Has Ever Been’, Tells Reporters He Wouldn’t Pay To Watch

  1. Jim

    This is really unsettling. Because he is a Troll in every sense of the word, and I have thought for a long time now that he has lost his mind, but having said that, he is also correct is what he has said. I don’t know what to do. I think I’ll go get my dog some catnip.

    1. Nick

      I never believe anything this guy is saying.. like some sort of has-been stage illusionist, you have to watch the hand he’s not waving in the air. As long as he gets his cash he dont give a f**k.
      I know you guys say that NASCAR is staged and all that, but I havent regretted cancelling my F1 subscription and starting one for the live Sprint Cup races.. its a hell of alot more fun.. maybe a little less genuine mayhem than the days of Dale senior.. but hey


  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Right Bernie – F1 is for faggots!

    Rip out those weedy little turbo hybrids, replace them with Pro Stock big blocks, let the teams decide whose tyres to fit and let them choose everything from aerodynamics to the size and weight of the cars. Let drivers overtake and decide when to pit for fuel.

    Then you’d have the noise and excitement back and even you might want to watch a race or two!

  3. john

    The “troll” is in charge, what is he crying about. Bernie…go fall on your (very small) sword. NASCAR, IRL, they all suck.

  4. Gary Smrtic

    Chevy Hatin’ Mad Geordie is right. I mean, I don’t care about the enignes, so much as all the other garbage. Let any tire company that wants to play, do so. Have a basic engine displacement maximum, some standard safety points, and let them go at it. All of the big sanctioning bodies have screwed up racing and made them simply carnivals.

  5. Robert

    Technology has sanitized, traumatized and euthanized F1. When advanced to it’s pinnacle by technology most things lose the human touch and things become sterile. Keep all the safety technology. Limit the aerodynamics. No electronic suspension, stability, traction control. Narrow tires. 5 litre naturally aspirated V8 no electronic engine management except efi and ignition. Bring it back to basic.

  6. cyclone03

    Bernie standing up and claiming F1 sucks is no different from Brian posting a blog here how BS sucks. It’s all HIM,it SUCKS because of HIM!
    Hey Bern,since it sucks soooo bad lower the cost to promoters to host races so they can in turn lower ticket prices so THE REAL RACING fan can afford a race weekend with their family.

  7. Spanners.C

    WTF?! Bernie the psychotic little rat faced dominatrix loving goblin is the one responsible for the decline in F1. I’d have more fun repeatedly slamming my balls in a car door than watching F1 these days. And the engines, the drivers and teams are not to blame. (Anyone remember the late 70’s and early 80’s small capacity turbo era?, 1500hp from 1500cc, some insane cars) It’s the rules and regs. Just give them a fuel usage limit, dimension limits for safety etc, and they can get to those limits any way they want with any technology open to use. Im getting tired of consortium’s telling us what ‘we think we want’ rather than what we actually want !!

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