Ever Wonder What Happened To Eddie Hill? At 78-Years Old He’s Still Racing!

Ever Wonder What Happened To Eddie Hill? At 78-Years Old He’s Still Racing!

Eddie Hill was once quoted as saying, “You only go around once in life but if you do it right, once should be enough.” Judging by the fact that the 78-year old Hill still seems to be loving life and having fun at high speeds, we’re thinking that he has “done it right” by any measure.

We literally stumbled upon this short but great interview with Eddie and Ercie Hill that was recently shot as a segment for what looks to be a Texas based television show. In the interview Hill talks about how he got into racing and his career first going in circles, then going in straight lines on both water and asphalt.

Hill will forever lay claim to the first ever four second top fuel pass in drag racing history when he ran 4.99 at the Texas Motorplex during the 1988 IHRA Texas Nationals. Still with the humble tone he maintained through his whole career he talks about his business (Eddie Hill’s Fun Cycles) which he has been successfully operating for a half a century now and the fact that his new passion is racing Ariel Atoms, the flyweight, stripped, road/track cars that can carve corners like few other things on Earth. In fact, this interview was done at the track where Eddie was racing.

Hill is one of those guys who people ask about with some frequency in regard to their current doings and this interview which was posted in January 2015 is about the latest update you’ll see. He and Ercie seem to be happy and loving life still, which is awesome. Matt Hagan’s nitro funny car was draped in Pennzoil colors at the recently completed NHRA Fall Nationals at the Texas Motorplex and people responded to it in a way that was pretty stunning to us. They loved it and it seemed like Hill was there himself as his bright yellow Pennzoil dragsters were staples on the tour for years.

To us it is always awesome when you see a guy who has had such a great career in multiple disciples of racing still having fun and going fast, especially when he’s 78 years old! Hill seems to have led a great life both on the track and in the real world and there’s no signs of slowing down for him yet.

Press play to hear Eddie Hill talk about his career and life in racing – awesome!

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14 thoughts on “Ever Wonder What Happened To Eddie Hill? At 78-Years Old He’s Still Racing!

  1. orange65

    Thanks for posting this. Always loved and admired the Hills. It was really fun to watch them win their TF championship back in the 90’s.

  2. jerry z

    They haven’t changed in over 30 years! But he looked 78 back in ’87! They both still look good though.

    Miss seeing them at the track, nice people.

  3. 383 Duster

    The track shots are from Eagles Canyon outside of Dallas / Ft Worth. My wife and I were there one day about 3 or 4 years ago and Eddie was there just having fun in his Ariel. We talked for a bit, super guy.

  4. Chaun Benfield

    Eddie and Ercie Hill are all class and its so cool how he still lives life to the fullest. He reminds me alot of our dad and dad was once an automotive instructor at our local college. My dad would take his students that could go to the drag races, to the old Thunder Valley Dragway in Bristol Tennessee and that is where it left the biggest impression on them and me. I had been to drag races before i was a month old but until I was a little older, I did not remember alot about it. Fast forward to the late 1980’s early 1990’s at Bristol Dragway, where I watched Eddie, Ercie, Fuzzy Carter and crew work on Ed’s Top Fuel Dragster. They ran great wherever they went and are always awesome people. Great to see them still going strong and doing what they enjoy. Thanks for the great story.

  5. malc

    A great guy, loved to watch him on Diamond P videos back in the 80s/90s.

    The big blow over, wrecked car, borrowing a chassis and parts to race and
    always cheerful in spite of seemingly having all the odds stacked against him.

  6. Ron The Announcer

    Eddie and Ercie are two of the nicest “pro” racing people I’ve ever met. I’m glad to see them doing well, and I’ve loved those Ariel Atoms, and would love to take one for a drive…probably a short drive as corners are not my strong point. They’re also dachshund people, so that’s even better!

  7. Larry Trammell

    Eddie and Ercie are two of the nicest people I have ever met in drag racing. I had pleasure to dine with Them at VA Motor Sports Park with John Fields from Pennzoil motor oil. They very friendly and polite and a credit to there sport of drag racing.

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