From Weak To Wicked: A Young Gun Building A V8 Mazda Drift Truck From Scratch!

From Weak To Wicked: A Young Gun Building A V8 Mazda Drift Truck From Scratch!

If you are worried about young automotive enthusiasts or, more precisely, the abilities and will of the young automotive enthusiast, don’t. Just come to terms with the fact that they might not see the same way as you do, or the same way that is the normal or even understandable, and you’ll have less stress about it in the long run. Trust me. There is plenty of builders, dreamers, engineers, fun-havers and car geeks out there doing what they can with what they got to make something that appeals to their need. Case in point: meet Caleb Sandlund, known around YouTube as “Gingium”. Caleb has some talents to his name. For starters, he can come up with a plan to turn a Mazda B-series truck into something fast and fun.

The B-series of the late 1980s fit the mold of a lot of small imported trucks of the time period: surprisingly competent and comfortable, but at the expense of power or performance. They made great little mini truck builds, but it’s been quite some time since we’ve seen one actually out and about on the roads. This 1991 B2200 would’ve fit the bill for a basic ride: small four-cylinder engine, five-speed manual transmission, two wheel drive. If you like your small trucks stock, stop here. If you want more, and want to see what it takes to get more out of a little rig like this B-series, then hit play and see how some junkyard parts, a Toyota V8 and some talent equals a hot ride. It’s a condensed buildup of Caleb’s idea of a drift truck, from start to sliding.

Thanks to Andy30thZ for the tip!

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