Hoonitruck Test Footage: The Twin-Turbo V6 Screamer Was Wild From The Start!

Hoonitruck Test Footage: The Twin-Turbo V6 Screamer Was Wild From The Start!

Without question, there is plenty of hyping up going on involving the Hoonitruck and the upcoming Gymkhana X video. Without a doubt, some of you might already be rolling your eyes at the thought of another Ken Block tire smoke extravaganza. It’s all for show, it’s all just one big commercial. We don’t see things that way around here. If it was all one big commercial, why go to all of the trouble of building a vehicle like the Hoonitruck? Why not just plonk down the biggest engine money could buy into the first ’77 Ford truck you could get your hands on and call it good? That’d make tire smoke for days on end and the noise would be better for most of your tastes, right?

The fact that Block and crew put together these kinds of high-detail, sorted machines simply for the sake of entertaining people says quite a bit about their commitment to motorsport, to engineering, and to the collective love of the automobile that permeates everything Hoonigan. The Hoonitruck build didn’t have to be half as technologically advanced as it is to be just as rowdy. They could’ve just used a 514 with a blower to make noise, but instead have opted for a 3.5L twin-turbo V6 like you’d find in a LeMans-spec Ford GT to make the donuts with. The chassis, the all-wheel-drive system…all of that comes from lessons learned with the Hoonicorn Mustang, Block’s rally cars and other influences. Remember, this is just test session footage. This is an early workout, a verification of what the truck will do when pushed. The only way performance test footage could be more exciting will be the day someone catches GM testers with the mid-engined sports car that might be a Corvette and a Ford GT in the same location doing comparison testing!

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3 thoughts on “Hoonitruck Test Footage: The Twin-Turbo V6 Screamer Was Wild From The Start!

  1. Andy

    LOVE the truck!!
    And yes…I’m having a little trouble getting over a pissed off V6 sound track coming out of a 70’s dentside truck…

    But when were the Hoonigans ever conventional…?

  2. KCR

    Some please xplane these guys to me. I see all their stuff .And it all looks great ,quality builds and all. But I never see anything being built. I saw the little go cart thingys . Do they build stuff . Or do sponcers pay for all this stuff being put together ,and they just get to have fun with it. I kinda follow them on UTube. Just kinda confused thats all.

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