Modern Super Cars At The Lingenfelter Collection – Mechanical Art Work That’s Blindingly Fast

Modern Super Cars At The Lingenfelter Collection – Mechanical Art Work That’s Blindingly Fast

One of the things we have always prided ourselves here at BangShift on is the fact that we’ve never pigeonholed ourselves into one thing. We’ve always been very honest in the fact that stuff that is fast, unique, and interesting will always be welcome on the pages of this website. Modern super cars from around the globe certainly fit the fast, unique, and interesting criteria and Ken Lingenfelter has a section of his collection devoted to these types of cars. We don’t care who you are, when you walk into a room to see a Veyron flanked by a couple of Lamborghinis, a Saleen S7, a Shelby Series One, a Vector, Ferraris, and other exotics, it’ll make you take a deep breath and mutter a couple of adult themed words under your breath. Yes, we know you can get your hands on 1,000hp car for less than a million bucks like the Bugatti costs. Yes, we know you can build something in your garage that’ll out corner the cool Ferrari 308 in this gallery, but let’s be honest. These are incredible machines both for their performance and for their looks.

While Craig and Nutting were shooting detail photos and features (that we’ll be running periodically) I was wandering the floor, taking a broader look at the collection. I saved the front area of the building where all of the modern cars are housed for last because I wanted to spend some quality time, up close and personal with these cars. As you’ll see I kind of fixated on a couple of them like the Vector (which Ken admitted was not a great car, but for the same reasons we were attracted to it, he was) and the Alfa Romeo which I think is one of the most beautiful cars produced in the last 50 years. This coming from a guy who loves tractors, so take it as you will.

As we have told you before, the goal of Ken’s collection is to keep it filled with cars he finds interesting. That means old cars he finds interesting (more of those coming soon) and modern stuff he finds interesting as well. You don’t have to be a exotic car fan boy to appreciate what you’ll see in the photos when you hit the link. You just have to love cars and the wildly different ways that people have come to express and define themselves through them.

REMEMBER, THE LINGENFELTER COLLECTION, Located in Brighton, Michigan will be open this Saturday for an open house!


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7 thoughts on “Modern Super Cars At The Lingenfelter Collection – Mechanical Art Work That’s Blindingly Fast

  1. GuitarSlinger

    OK . He’s got one or two winners in the bunch [the Ferrari GTO being the best ] But most are pretty pathetic and severely unloved and unwanted dogs . I mean really ! A Z3M posing as a Supercar ? [ a fun performance car yes … supercar .. NO ] that badge engineered Maserati/Ferrari masquerading as an Alfa Romeo 8C ? The Shelby joke poor ole Carol attempted to pawn off on the public and should of never let out of his chicken coop ? That American travesty wishing it was a Supercar instead of the bucket of mid engined bolts that it was ? A tarted up C6 and Viper ? The hideous excuse of wretched consumer excess pawned off to the More Money than Brains or Driving Ability crowd known as the Bugatti VeryGoneWrong ? [ by those of us that know ]

    Honestly . The man may know his muscle cars . But when it come to Supercars and despite his money he is well and good out of his league . Definitely suffering from a case of More Money than Good Taste/Sense syndrome

    In conclusion as to Mr Lingenfelters supercar choices ?

    A major league BangShift FAIL !

    1. Mike Copleand

      WOW, thank god we have a famous “all knowing” collector like you to define what vehicles qualify to be Bang Shift approved.

      Based on your comments, it is pretty easy to see you know very little about this collection, and even less about the cars in it.

      I have to assume none of the 15 cars I own would qualify under your definition of “Bang Shift Approved”. Maybe you could show us photos of your collection. That might help us less talented folk understand what “Bang Shift Approved” cars are.

    2. john t

      well there you go….Veyrons, C6’s and Vipers are no good? Gotta say I didn’t know that…. Seriously, GS what is your problem? You’ve always been pretty negative but honestly, its getting a bit out of control….I thought from one of your comments a month or so ago you were giving the whole car thing away…..maybe need to take a few extra chill pills mate…

  2. Wolf

    I really liked the earlier Vectors, like the W8 (which were probably even less “great”), but that Reventon gives me serious wood!

  3. Drew

    BTW, the collection will be open to the public this Saturday free of charge. It is a benefit though…for what exactly escapes me…so please leave a donation.

  4. Ben Gentle

    I’ve just come to the understanding that some supercar manufacturers let some buyers buy and other buyers not. They want their babies taken care of! I wonder how they would feel if I offered to buy two: one for the prestigious, artsy stuff and one for a no-holds-barred utility vehicle? Looks are one thing but how she handles herself is quite another…

  5. shortbox64

    dont mean to be that guy, but the author said you could build something that could out corner a 308.. thats not a 308. 288 GTO, i cant tell you all the differences but one is the fact you could buy 20 or so 308s for the price of one GTO

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