Morning Symphony: The Rothsmans Group B Porsche 911 Being Used As Intended

Morning Symphony: The Rothsmans Group B Porsche 911 Being Used As Intended

Recently, Porsche came out and basically said that they were going on the offensive against automotive value speculators and investment purchasers. Why? Because they hate the fact that people got pissed off at the company for putting supposedly rare options (like a shift-it-yerself manual trans, for example) into a “standard” 911, and because there’s nothing more annoying to the company than people who buy these high-end, meant to be driven like a bat out of hell cars, only to have them sit in a museum or collection or garage gathering dust while doing absolutely zero miles in anger. There, for once, we fully agree with Porsche. They build badass sports cars and have done so for over fifty years just on the 911 line alone. They put engineering dollars, man-hours, track hours, and all they have into some of the most wicked little rear-engined monsters the racing world has known…letting it sit and occasionally wiping it down with a diaper is a freaking insult. Fire off that flat six and for the love of everything holy, man, put your foot deep into that skinny little pedal on the right! You’ll thank us. And if you’re feeling really brave, try your pride and joy out on some dirt! Yes, Porsches can handle being taken off-road…and that means further than a lawn show, sunshine.

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4 thoughts on “Morning Symphony: The Rothsmans Group B Porsche 911 Being Used As Intended

  1. john t

    nice words and sentiments but if the US is anything like Australia, 99% of Pooches don’t get driven anywhere near a state you could call ` anger’ Most of them spend their lives parked outside dentists offices or being punted around the city at 20 mph by tools with gloves on. Its genuinely a pity – I cant bring myself to like them because they’re unfortunately in most cases just a wanker showoff mobile. There was one exception I used to see occasionally, a black 911 a younger guy had who used to utterly cane it around the city but the last time I saw that car it was being impounded, doubtless under our `hoon’ laws where they can take your car away for 28 days and subsequent offences can see your car crushed….

    1. david

      My pal has a 72 911 he bought new and has owned for decades–he drives it at track days etc and folks are amazed that he risk such a valuable car–that is about the only comment he gets–You know what this is worth?? yet he drives the snot out of it—he even pancaked it into the wall on the Blue Ridge Parkway–fixed it with an imported direct from Porsche quarter and has kept on beating on it–so to be safe he bought a late model 911 from a Dr that had it all prepped for race days–went out a few times decided it was not his thing–my pal bought it and has raced the guts out of it for about 8 years now
      He is fighting the very thing this article is all about–he has a stack of worn out tires behind his shop–enough to do his personal off shore reef with–
      The car thing went haywire when they became investments vs. pleasure machines A big block Cuda is a fun machine but they had cheap azz plastic interiors and honestly–the prices these days are just stupid when you can drop an LS into anything and have a killer rod on the cheap

  2. david

    ONE hour after I posted the reply above my pal called–he had just smashed his 911 into the tire wall at VIR–OUCH! He is a very accomplished driver that instructs at VIR and other tracks on regular basis but sooner or later we all get bit–Thankfully he is OK!!!!!!! I told him it is like they said to the Six Million Dollar Man–we can build it bigger and stronger! Wish I knew how to post pix

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Porsche seemed to have a half hearted attitude to rallying. Its not as if there were any financial restrictions or lack of technology but they didn’t seem to want to push themselves to fully develop the 911 as a serious rally contender. This is ironic as almost every classic rally these days has a 911 as a front runner. A sorted 911 would have been a serious contender to the Lancia Stratos and in four wheel drive form could have challenged for the top spot. One of motor sport’s great enigmas, which makes seeing cars like this even better!

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