Awesome V8 Fury At The LeMans Classic – Monzas, Mopars, and Fords! Watch!

Awesome V8 Fury At The LeMans Classic – Monzas, Mopars, and Fords! Watch!

While the American Le Mans efforts of the 1960s get all the credit because they were “successful” and “won the race” there were some cars from the USA that competed in the 1970s that were truly fantastic. No, they never won and were probably not the best match for the race (at least two of them, anyway) but they sounded great, the fans loved them, and they have aged to a point where everyone loves the thundering elephants. We’re of course talking about the Torino and the Olympia Beer Charger that you will see in this video. You will also see a full-kill Monza but that car has a small block and seems to be relatively suited to the rigors of turning left and right AND braking. The other tanks? Not as much.

This video was made at the Le Mans Classic which is one of the undercard events preceding the main show which is of course the 24 Hours of Le Mans. We have published the most comprehensive guide to the event in our history today and we look at all of the amazing sports cars and prototypes that will be attacking the same corners as other racers have for nearly a century. The event has had triumph and tragedy but it has persevered. Because of that fact, it is one of the best car races in the world, no matter if you like stuff that turns or not, right?

On the meanness scale we have to go with with either the Torino or Monza for looks, right? We may actually favor the Torino because the Monza has that whole body kit thing going and while it is cool, the Torino tucks its massive tires under the stock body and the thing just looks ready to kill with those big fog lamps.

Sound wise? YOU will have to be the judge of that. All of these things make good noise while ripping around the track.

Press play below to experience the greatness that is this threesome of American iron

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3 thoughts on “Awesome V8 Fury At The LeMans Classic – Monzas, Mopars, and Fords! Watch!

  1. MGBChuck

    Love the sounds of the V8s (actually sound like the alum. rod, .600 lift solid roller 350 in my MGB), great stuff. this probably will not post for some reason-will keep trying

  2. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I wonder why NASCAR racers never competed at Le Mans. If they’d been set up to handle a road course their inherent strength and relatively low-stressed engines would have made them contenders, I’d have loved to see full-bodied American sedans crush Porsches and Ferraris into dust and record a 1-2-3 finish.

  3. Annony Mouse

    The guy driving the Charger was damned good. Too bad the Ferrari Boxer driver held him up… rookies…sigh

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