Morning Symphony: The New TVR Griffith Sounding Off In Anger!

Morning Symphony: The New TVR Griffith Sounding Off In Anger!

If TVR are truly on track with their planned production schedule for the reborn Griffith, then customers should start seeing cars in their driveways sometime early next year. Which isn’t exactly surprising, given the names associated with the rebirth of the brand. Les Edgar and Gordon Murray have done a great job taking a brand of sports cars best known for being exceptionally unhinged and threatening, a brand that gave every type of safety device past the seat belt the middle finger because they hoped that the fear of God and the afterlife would make for a smarter driver, back to life after it died out in 2006 amidst some questionable circumstances under the leadership of Nikolay Smolensky. Why bring back a botique sports car name that cranks out maybe a few thousand cars a year?

Why not?

With Gordon Murray running the engineering program, the new Griffith is seven times stiffer than the last Sagaris, the engine is a very worked-0ver variation of the Ford Coyote that has been handled and re-worked by Cosworth, and it comes in at a very neat 400 horsepower per ton. That means that every time you nail the throttle, traction aids or not, you’re liable to have an accident of some kind…an accidental expletive slipping out, an accident in your pants, whatever.

In celebration of the agreement that they would be the OE tire manufacturer for the new Griffith, Avon Tyres has unleashed this bit of footage of the Griffith barking it’s way around Castle Combe in southwest England. We’ve seen comments that the noise of the Cosworth Coyote is too “unrefined” for a car of TVR’s cost and caliber. Hit play and have a listen…we personally think that it’s just perfect. Then again, we are just simple Yanks, after all…

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3 thoughts on “Morning Symphony: The New TVR Griffith Sounding Off In Anger!

  1. andyb

    To be honest, the GT350R motor with the insane redline and even neater sound would have made it more exotic.

    Though, probably more pricy.

  2. Matt Zemaitis

    Back in the 60’s l rode in one of the original 1450 lb. Griffiths powered by a K code 289 with dual quads ,cam , heads, making around 325 hp, maybe a little more , this thing was a rocket , even with a 2 barrel 289 they were fast, l almost bought a forest green model ,if l remember correctly they listed for around 37-3900$ ,I’ve only seen one since back then …cool car

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