Out On Power Tour? Go See Matt Graves And The American Powertrain Boys In Their “C-Heap C10” – It Rules

Out On Power Tour? Go See Matt Graves And The American Powertrain Boys In Their “C-Heap C10” – It Rules

Let’s consider this a sneak peek because in the coming weeks we’re going to be giving you the blow by blow build story of the truck that the American Powertrain boys are our cruising this year on Power Tour. The guys put the thing together in a hurry and we love the look, the attitude, and the fact that the bolts were still warm from being wrenched on when they set off into the world with the truck for the start of the event. The truck is a 1968 C10 Chevy that they added RideTech suspension to along with an LS engine swap, and most importantly a Tremec manual transmission. We love the look of the rig and the fact that just about every day the guys have been busting out the tools. None of the issues have been super serious but they have been working to keep the freshly slammed and repowered truck on the road.

As much as some of the hardcore guys want to take a swipe at Power Tour against Drag Week or whatever, they are different events with different themes behind them completely. Power Tour is probably the single greatest cruise on the face of the Earth. Being as long distance as it is, there’s plenty of wrenching and fixing stuff between stops and that’s what the American Powertrain guys are out there for. They’re preaching the stick shift swap gospel and they are also out there helping people on the Power Tour who have had mechanical issues or other problems. Let’s be honest here. The Long Haul drivers on the Power Tour will put more miles on their stuff in a week than some guys will put on their stuff in a couple of years!

Anyway, back to the truck. We’re going to include some photos below of the machine and where it has been this week as a warm up act so when the build stories start, you’ll know what is coming. It is hard to believe but we have a soft spot for white cars/trucks with black wheels…especially when they are able to get down LOW to the ground. Stop by and see the American Powertrain display and say hello to the guys. After all, they are running a LARGE BangShift decal on the tailgate. Tell ’em Brian and Chad sent you!


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3 thoughts on “Out On Power Tour? Go See Matt Graves And The American Powertrain Boys In Their “C-Heap C10” – It Rules

  1. 38P


    “Farm Truck” without the hilarious camper and nitrous-swilling Rat, but with some slammy “Truckin'” air bags and a . . . yawn . . . flavor-of-the-month LESS? In this case, less would appear to be . . . well . . . LESS!

    But the bagchair cruisin’, catalog-rodder set will probably love it. And its good that the BS sponsors are stepping up to help out the other lawnchair racer folk on the road.

    That is a big freakin’ BS decal, though. (Why didn’t they center it?)

  2. Raymond Christ

    Cheap………hahaha…………Looks like another Overpriced (when you’ve got to pay out of pocket) after market company commercial vehicle. Thanks Guys I had no idea you can put an LS engine and air bags on anything. Do power tour with a junk yard 350, carb, and points……that would be impressive to me

  3. Tom Slater

    Pretty cool truck and I’m glad they are plugging BS but I do get tired of every C10, Task Force or AD truck on the road getting dropped onto bags.

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