Ride In, On, and Around The Enviate Pikes Peak Unlimited Racer – Turbo LS Open Wheel Monster

Ride In, On, and Around The Enviate Pikes Peak Unlimited Racer – Turbo LS Open Wheel Monster

The unlimited class at the Pikes Peak hillclimb has birthed some truly evil machines over the years, each with their own proclivities and personality. While we’re not sure what to make of the personality in a rig called Enviate, we know that it sure sounds mean, it is the rebirth of an earlier project that wrecked on the mountain and appears to be one of the nastiest no-holds-barred privateer race cars we have ever seen. Ever.

For starters what we see in this video is not the finished Enviate. There will ultimately be a very swoopy and aerodynamic body placed over the entire machine to help it stay stuck to the ground when climbing the Pikes Peak road that is now asphalt from top to bottom. An earlier version of this car which basically used two ends of an Acura NSX and a custom made middle has been replaced with this, a more advanced version of that first concept. Gone are the NSX parts and replacing them are custom made everything. The suspension system on this thing in and of itself is a work of art and you will see it work in the video below. There are six shocks in total and they are laid out in two triangulated setups. One on either end of the car. There’s a shock for each tire and then the center shocks are designed to take downforce in what seems to be a manner independent of the other four. Hey, it looks bad ass.

Either way, Enviate is a “version 2.0” of another project that met a violent end at the 2013 Pikes Peak hillclimb. We are not sure who is slated to drive this monster but whoever it is better have some skills and LOTS of, uh, manhood to make it work.

Unfortunately the track was wet and the car was on slicks so we do not see a 10/10th performance here but the thing still has some serious power and attitude. It sounds boss with the turbocharged LQ9 engine in it!

Press play below to see Enviate attack Gingerman on slicks…in the rain!

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9 thoughts on “Ride In, On, and Around The Enviate Pikes Peak Unlimited Racer – Turbo LS Open Wheel Monster

  1. john

    Don’t get that center shock that seems to be taking inputs from both rear cantilevered shocks. Can someone explain? Thanks.

    1. Munger

      Wondered the same thing:

      “The suspension for this single-seater is derived from the ultra high-performance arrangements of Formula 1 and IndyCar contemporaries. Pushrod-actuated QA1 coilovers are mounted cleverly to provide independent damping and roll control.

      “Each wheel has it’s own shock, and the black vertical bar is the actual sway bar. When both shocks activate it compresses the third (center) shock, which is a down-force shock. The car is going to make three to four tons of downforce,” boasted Loveland.”


      1. Stickman

        Wow, there is a lot going on in one area. I had first thought the center shock was a type of sway bar. Then fallowing you link, its downforce but has the sway bar attached to the end. Very cool!

    2. Scott Beeton - AeroDesign

      It’s commonly referred to as a “third spring” and is used to counter the aerodynamic loads to keep the car at the correct ride height (otherwise the rear wing would drive the car hard into the ground at speed!)

      If you think about pushing the back of the car down, then it will compress that spring.

      If you grab the roll hoop and push sideways (really hard… to simulate a cornering roll condition) one wheel will essentially go up and the other down. Because these will be (ideally) equal and opposite at each of the rocker arms, you end up twisting the ARB but the overall length of the third spring won’t change.

      The third spring will be compressed slightly when you hit a single wheel bump, so this needs to be taken into account when determining spring rates, but most tracks are smooth so design isn’t compromised too much by this.

      Essentially, it is designed to add massive resistance to aero loads without compromising cornering ability.

      Awesome hillclimb beast by the way! We’d love to help with the aero package. Get in touch with us at http://www.aerodesign.com.au Cheers, Scott

  2. Brutal

    It will most likely be driven by a Dallenbach…

    Not sure which one but Paul or Wally are my best guesses.

  3. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Even though its powered by the hated LS, this is a thing of rare beauty and a transparent body would show off all that sublime workmanship. I noticed that the small aluminium tank’s filler was loose – I sincerely hope that wasn’t a dry sump oil tank as that motor won’t be roaring for very long if spills its contents on an already slippery track!

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