If The Long F-350 Is Not Your Speed How About A Massive F-150 With A Secret? (Video)

If The Long F-350 Is Not Your Speed How About A Massive F-150 With A Secret? (Video)

This is a massive F-150 with a secret. We’ll get to that one in a second but it is a rare day indeed when we get to showcase two massive Fords for your potentially purchasing enjoyment, right? The long F-350 may not be something you want to contend with on a day to day basis, but this thing? This truck can make your car crushing, traffic dominating, mud pit slogging dreams come true in spades.

Diesel powered and rolling on eight massive tractor tires, the F-150 was born when someone with a creative mind and even more talented hands looked at a truck and a Massey Ferguson tractor and said, “I can make this work!” Yes, you are basically looking at a 1970s Massey Ferguson that has been rebodied as an F-150 truck. It was an articulated tractor that steered by bending in the middle so that’s what the truck does. The machine has a diesel engine and it weighs some 18,000lbs. Our favorite photo is of the thing on the gooseneck trailer below with the wide load sign tied to it! How rad is that?!

Speed will certainly not be part of the program because of the fact that this is a farm tractor but neither will getting stuck or stopped by measly obstacles like cars, trucks, cement mixers, mountains, or buildings. Those become just a mere nuisance when at the helm of this truly cool beast.

The seller has a great ad with more photos than we have shared below and you should check it out. We have video of the truck crushing a car below as well. He’s getting divorced and so he’s needing to sell the truck. We’re thinking the same thing you are. How could a guy capable of building this annoy a girl?!

Check out the photos below and then hit the link at the bottom to see more –

ford1 ford2 ford3 ford4 ford5


Click here to see the CL ad promoting the sale of this massive F-150


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2 thoughts on “If The Long F-350 Is Not Your Speed How About A Massive F-150 With A Secret? (Video)

  1. sbg

    You ask how a guy could do so…. if you notice the pictures have two, young lovelies in the bed of said rig. It doesn’t take much imagination to find reason for such.

  2. will

    thats built off of a 1805.massey
    3208 cat v8 non turbo engine.
    200 225 horse on a good day.
    an absolute shitbox of an engine in a epicly radioactive turd of a tractor.
    I had one once. its almost made me a raging drunk…

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