RideTech’s USCA Daytona Weekend Was Awesome – See How The Cars Performed, How They Thrashed To Fix Carnage, and More!

RideTech’s USCA Daytona Weekend Was Awesome – See How The Cars Performed, How They Thrashed To Fix Carnage, and More!

Last weekend, the USCA visited the high banks of Daytona International Speedway and RideTech was there in force with a fleet of haul ass cars. The “house” cars were as varied as the RideTech product line and included the 48 Hour Camaro, 1966 Chevelle, 1969 Mustang, and the totally bitchin’ 1962 Impala. RideTech customers like Chris Smith in his C10, Dan Howe in his Monte Carlo, James Shipka’s nasty 1967 Camaro, and the awesome Lingenfelter L28 Camaro. Thankfully the RideTech crew put together an awesome piece looking back at their weekend and how all of the cars performed. Read the story below….oh, and if the photo of the 1962 Impala at speed on the banking does not make you stop and take notice, you’re in the wrong place.


Daytona!!! Daytona!!! Daytona!!!  Yes, it was that kind of weekend for the RideTech Team. You won’t find a team member that wasn’t 100% satisfied with the Ultimate Street Car Association (USCA) Daytona event. We competed with the 48Hour Camaro, 66 Chevelle, 69 Mustang, and 62 Impala from the RideTech stables. Also in attendance was Chris Smith’s C10, Dan Howe’s Monte Carlo, James Shipka’s 67 Camaro, The Lingenfelter L28 Camaro, Randy Johnson’s 73 “Envious” Camaro, & Aaron Oberle proudly representing RideTech. Some of the weekend highlights are listed below.
Friday the event kicked off with the Detroit Speed Road Rally that consisted of a beautiful coastline cruise. Above you see James Shipka and Chris Smith headed to the first stop.
Saturday after a mandatory drivers meeting the cars were released onto the Daytona Rolex Course. A few chicayne transitions were added to try and keep the speeds at bay. Britt Marolf piloted the 48Hour Camaro throughout the weekend. At the end of the weekend, the 48 Camaro held first place in the Autocross, third in the Wilwood Speed Stop Challenge, and seventh place in the BFG Hot Lap Challenge. With those great finishes, it set Britt up for an overall fourth place finish in the 3000lb+ class. Not too shabby for his first time back behind the wheel of the car this season.
Danny Popp driving the Lingenfelter L28 Camaro about to overtake Randy Johnson in his “Envious” Camaro. How many times will you get to see a 5th Gen Camaro overtake a 2nd Gen Camaro in Turn 3 of Daytona International Raceway?
Greg Schneider was behind the wheel of the 66 Chevelle throughout the Daytona adventure. Inside the office, we call the Chevelle the “Tank”. This car has been through wars from big tracks to autocross, from Ohio Mile to Bonneville. We have beat on this car since 2008, and it never ceases to amaze us. Even with its miles the car still pulled in a top 25 finish overall. It was top 15 in the Speed Stop and top 20 on the Autocross.
The Lingenfelter L28 Camaro driven by Danny Popp must of been switched to divide and conquer mode. Danny and the Camaro took first place in the BFG One Lap Challenge, second Place in the AutoCross and sixth place in the Speed Stop Challenge. This landed the Camaro with an overall finish of 2nd Place. The L28 also took home the Fastest Fifth Gen award from Detroit Speed & Engineering. You should have seen / heard this car leaving turn 4 at 170+ mph!
Our Throwback Nascar 62 Impala looked right at home on the banks of Daytona. This car had just recently been resurrected with some new drive train upgrades. The exterior patina was too good to change though. Jason Brady was the captain of Ole #23 all weekend and did what it took to keep the car on track.
Bret Voelkel was the Mustang master this weekend in his silver 69. It was the second outing this season for the silver bullet, and everything is starting to come together. Brett finished fifth in the Speed Stop, tenth in the Autocross, and twenty first in the Hot Lap Challenge. That combo set the mustang up for an overall finish of 9th.
Chris Smith from Smitty’s Custom Automotive was one of many competitors that weren’t going to miss a chance of hitting the banks of Daytona. Smitty’s C10 pickup won the Lingenfelter Design and Engineering Challenge and placed a respectable nineteenth place in the SpeedStop, Hot Lap, and Autocross.. Hows that for consistency?
The One Lap Camaro and owner/driver James Shipka had one hell of a weekend also. James was quick all day Saturday in the Hot Lap Challenge but, unfortunately, once the lights came on James ffound a slick spot on the track. This spot ended up forcing the One Lap Camaro into a meeting with a not so soft retainer wall. This would have ended most competitors weekends but not James’. One of the most amazing things about these events is no matter how stiff the competition we are still there for each other. Roughly four hours after the wreck the car was reassembled to a track worthy shape. All that was left was getting a tire mounted, and James was back on track Sunday morning. Even with a bandaged car James finished 5th overall.


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