This Small Block Ford Powered, Sort Of Pro Touring 1971 Mail Jeep Is The Coolest Hot Roddy Mail Jeep We’ve Seen

This Small Block Ford Powered, Sort Of Pro Touring 1971 Mail Jeep Is The Coolest Hot Roddy Mail Jeep We’ve Seen

It isn’t like this is the first old mail Jeep to be screwed around with and made into a hot rod but we’d submit that this is probably the BEST one. Why? Sure, the pro street ones look all cool and tough, but they’re kind of just like a rolling joke. It isn’t like people actually drive those the great distances, unless you are talking about two laps of the fairgrounds instead of one. This thing really seems to have been built to get thrashed on and drive all over the place. Power comes from a small block Ford V8, a C4 transmission, 3.73 gears and a drop axle in the front to give it the tough stance that it has.

The truck was definitely a labor of love as the owner made the roll bar and other stuff like the flat front fenders. The rear axle is a Dana 44 and there’s a custom made driveshaft tying it all together. Believe it or not, the green color is a factory hue used on Jeeps in the mid-2000s. Overall the fit and finish on the thing looks spectacular and it even comes with the doors if you want them. The current owner always wanted to cruise sans doors so he never put them back on but they are painted and ready to go if you want to have some protection from the elements. Maybe we’re off base here but we think this is the coolest hot rodded mail Jeep ever. Are we wrong on that? Prove it!

In case the ad goes down, here’s the full text:

Everything is brand new or rebuilt from frame off and has less than 200 miles on it since finished. Details as follows:

Drivetrain is FORD. Engine is a rebuilt 302 full of nice parts. Highrise Ford Racing aluminum intake, Holley 650 4 barell, stainless headers attached to mandrel bent 2.5″ dual exhaust and 1 chamber mufflers, and so on. The transmission is C4 automatic with a B&M quarter stick shifter, B&M shift kit and TCI saturday night special torque converter attached to a custom made drive shaft. Dana 44 rear end with 3.73 gears. The paint job is called Electric Lime Green which is a Jeep Wrangler color from around the 2006 models. Everything is painted inside and out and engine compartment is just as nice as the outside. It is 2 toned with a white roof on the inside and out. It has a few custom handmade features such as flat fenders, roll bar, bumpers… The suspension is lowered. The front has a drop axle, sits pretty low. And the rear axle has a flip kit and c-notch for added travel. All brakes and brake lines and master are brand new as well. The interior has aluminum bomber style bucket seats with 3 inch aviator style lap belts, rhino lined floorboard, and a stainless steel dashboard with only the necessary guages(water, volts, oil, fuel). Nice 16 x 8 aluminum rims. As you can see in the pictures it has no doors installed. I planned to run it without doors so I have never re installed them. They are included with the sale and are painted and ready to go. You would just need to order a few peices like door latches and what not. Collector license plates so never buy tabs again and Haggerty classic car insurance is very cheap for full coverage. I pay under $200 per year for $15K in coverage.

This is a one of a kind, and rare body style. This has no rust! and this has never had any rust! You will not see another one like this and you can search the internet and still see nothing even close. Keep in mind, It is loud and rumbly, FAST, it draws tons of attention, and rides bumpy, but all jeeps do. Just in time to win all your summer car show trophies.


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  1. 440 6pac

    It cool alright. Change the color to a dark blue and the engine to a Mopar and it’d be even cooler.

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