BangShift Approved? Check Out This Ratty Chevelle We Saw In Bowling Green And Let Us Know!

BangShift Approved? Check Out This Ratty Chevelle We Saw In Bowling Green And Let Us Know!

(Photos by Bryan McTaggart) – Alright there, residents of readerville we need your opinion. See McTaggart snapped the below photos of a pretty ratty looking 1967 Chevelle in the swap meet at the 2014 Holley National Hot Rod Reunion. Before you write the car off as just another ratty looking, LS powered sleeper, don’t be so hasty. See, this car is different in a couple of respects and the first one is the engine. You’ll have to see that one for yourself. The second is the transmission…again, you need to check it out. The third is the condition of the steel in this “ratty” car. Even that holds a bit of a surprise.

We’re trying to decide if this thing gets the BangShift stamp of approval. It isn’t blazingly fast, we have no idea what the suspension pieces are and the interior looks…well, present. On the plus side the stance is pretty awesome and this IS a loveably stripped Chevelle 300 model which means it is uber clean and devoid of any and all factory options. Your job is pretty simple here. Just scroll down, look at McTaggart’s photos and tell us why (or why not) this car is BangShift approved. It certainly has some of the elements that we love to see but is there stuff detracting from the cool factor here or is this well worn Chevelle all good? How would you change it to kick it up a BS notch? Anything? Leave it as is? You tell us!


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17 thoughts on “BangShift Approved? Check Out This Ratty Chevelle We Saw In Bowling Green And Let Us Know!

  1. Matt Cramer

    I like it. Looks like a fun beater with a few mods thrown at it, and definitely not something you see everyday at car shows.

  2. john t

    love it. I gotta say shiny cars with lawn chair wielding owners are really starting to be boring…theres a facebook page called `ratty muscle cars ‘ I discovered the other night and its like everything I stand for – I posted piks of my XB coupe to it cos its just its natural home..I suggest you have a look. I just scrolled through going `yess’ to all the ratty wonderful characterful cars… this Chevelle would be right at home. Cars need to be used, and if that involves sideways on dirt type stuff then so be it. It really doesn’t hurt them, you know…theres a run I go to each year at Palmer, about an hour and a half out of Adelaide South Australia and you can either go bitumen the whole way, or dirt for about half the trip…. you need to have the GPS fired up to navigate your way back and I love it! and that’s what cars should be about… I’ve never understood this whole drive it nowhere, polish the crap out of it and just sit in front of it deal…I really don’t get it. And in my humble opinion, if you shine the cxrap out of everything you take all the character away and make it a bit boring…sorry, bit of a rant but have a look at ratty muscle cars – if that doesn’t do something for you then you’re not like me, and don’t share my idea of what bangshift is about…

    1. TheSilverBuick

      What was the price tag?

      It reminds me of DF’s Chevelle that had an anemic 283 or such but full air ride suspension.

  3. Geoff Nilson

    Reminds me of my 67 Camaro- 250ci block, stroker crank, ported 194ci head to increase compression to 11:1, forged pistons, dual quads, Crane cam, headers, Doug Nash 5spd behind it all. It was a hoot to drive and knocked their socks off when I popped the hood.

  4. Galaxie 65er

    Nah I don’t think so. The car has charm for sure and I like it a lot. Add an AC setup and I’d be happy to drive it myself even. But that 6 doesn’t put the “Bang” in BangShift IMO. Put a half dozen fuel injection stacks on there and cam it up a bit and you’ll have something.

  5. JD

    Love it! Nice little car you can have fun with, not be afraid to drive and not dump a ton of cash into. Exactly what hot rods were meant to be.

  6. doug gregory

    Yeah it should be bangshift approved. The six is righteous and with a stick would be plenty peppy for a cruiser. It needs some spit and polish, but over all the vibe is good and the look works. Not every car needs to be on an edge or have vintage speed parts thrown at it to be cool. The post cars are awesome so putting up a stout inline six and 5-speed on that platform is a stroke of genius. Not ordinary, not lemming, and not catalog-built. If it had a straight axle, LS, or other faddish alterations the score would put it out of the bangshifty realm of cool.

  7. C Royer

    had a good looking car (5 footer), worried about dings and such, got hit and run, almost rebuilt less paint(50% black or gray primer), will drive it like that for awhile, less stress I hope. Love the Chevelle, drivetrain is a personal thing, not my choice but pretty cool. BIG BS POINTS for doing what you want to your hot rod

  8. Ham

    You know this car and many like it stand for what is right and wrong with our “hobby”. It’s a really cool car and looks awesome. It doesn’t have a nasty big block under the hood like you would think but a really simple six. It isn’t going to shine under the sun and honestly the stance is dead on. The five speed makes it awesome. Because real hot rods have three pedals. I dig the look of the car and the rather clean body. Cars like this are rather hard to find.

    Now to the bad. It’s cars like this that have driven the price of regular cars up through the roof. Every grey beard and his distant cousin now has one in the garage. It used to be fun to beat on cars like this but now you couldn’t buy this if you wanted to on a real mans salary. It’s sort of low buck but then again it isn’t. I wish cable didn’t show so many car related reality shows. Gee thanks discovery….

    Bang Shift approved.

  9. claymore

    A big no way. This is just a modern day version of a rat rod nothing that deserves notice on bangshift.

  10. Carl at CAC

    I say it’s approved. If it was perfect with the six-banger it would be boring. As it sits it’s a beater with character and a great stance. Something you can leave the dog in the back with the window down and the car will still be there when you come outta the liquor store.

    “Good dog, here’s a PBR for you!”

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