Somebody Built A RWD, Drifting Toyota Prius – Here It Is In Action

Somebody Built A RWD, Drifting Toyota Prius – Here It Is In Action

It actually happened. An enterprising individual converted a Toyota Prius to rear-wheel-drive and got the thing to go sideways, do donuts, and fry the rear tires. And surprisingly, they did it without gutting the electric motors and battery packs for an LS swap and a six-speed. Unfortunately, that is pretty much all we know about it. There’s just enough music dubbed over the action that it’s difficult to tell if the car is still electric, though if you listen carefully you can hear a whine that sounds like a pissed-off golf cart. It would be cool to see a Tesla motor swap into a Prius simply to say that even the spark-heads are modifying and tuning, but until we know for sure, all we can do is show you what a drifting Prius looks like. Individual reactions may vary.

(Courtesy: Carscoops)

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11 thoughts on “Somebody Built A RWD, Drifting Toyota Prius – Here It Is In Action

  1. John T

    wow……how underwhelming…..lets see, lamest car on the planet? Prius….check. Lamest motorsport on the planet….drifting….check. Does it even drift well? uh….no. OK, add some uber lame music…does that help? um……no.

    1. mooseface

      “Lamest car on the planet”?
      I’m sorry, but that moniker’s already been claimed by the Honda Civic.
      The Pious might be a wee bit excessively boring, but nowhere near as lame as the silver/grey Honda lump that held up you and eighty-five other people on your morning commute the other day.
      You know the one.
      It was doing twenty under.
      On the highway.

      1. Nick D.

        Nah, Prius is worse. I’ve ridden in some straight-up insane Civics. A good friend of mine had a hatchback with the old D16 single-cam boosted to 350whp. Ran like a scalded cat and hung with 650cc superbikes. For every bland or riced-out Civic, there is a terrifyingly fast one. I have yet to be scared silly by a Prius.

        1. mooseface

          That I would like to see! All I’ve encountered are the fart can cars and the slowpokes.
          It is possible to be scared silly by a Prius: when they sneak up on you in silent electric mode in the wee small hours of the morning during a jog. I felt like I was in a bad remake of “Christine”.

          1. Nick D.

            People can rag on Hondas all they want, but the fact is, in the proper hands they can perform very respectably. Bisi Ezerioha of Bismoto builds Hondas that make 700-1000hp frequently (Recently built a 1035hp 6-speed Odyssey minivan). There are all-motor FWD Hondas running 8s in the 1/4-mile. They are frequent terrors on the Japanese time attack circuits, even against much more powerful AWD and RWD competitors.

      2. John T

        yeh sorry I have to disagree….Civics are not my thing by any stretch but lets face it, the kids hotting them up now, like it or not, are a significant portion of the future of hot rodding. Few enough kids get their hands dirty these days as it is; lets face it , if you’re 16 – 18 you’re going to buy the cheapest thing out there to thrash, destroy, modify or whatever. Point is, you CAN modify a Civic. Prius’s actively fight against any kind of attempt to modify them… ever seen a hotted up Prius of any description? I saw one (I believe on Bangshift..) but all it has was a body kit….certainly no engine mods….

  2. C Royer

    I am scared by all Prius, by the drivers, the propaganda, and how bad they are ecologically–massive energy to make, batteries are dangerous to recycle and if plug in the electricity probably is not renewable–not a fan

  3. its80inHawaiiAgain

    It doesn’t matter about your opinion about the prius or honda or what ever you want to dis.
    I salute the guy who engineered this. There is a lot going on to get a Prius to do this. He didn’t go to a catalog for a bunch of bolt-ons. He had the desire and the knowledge to get it done. This is what hot rodding is all about. This is why l like bangshift.
    What have you done??


  4. Texlenin

    Me smells something sushi-like in the description. Watch the fascia panel
    whenever the car is pointed away from the sun (example 27 to about 34 seconds in). I’m seeing daylight thru the grill. Hayabusa mounted in the trunk, perhaps?

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