The Upcoming Tesla Model S Plaid Is A Maniac Sedan With 1,080hp and More Torque

The Upcoming Tesla Model S Plaid Is A Maniac Sedan With 1,080hp and More Torque

(By Tom Lohnes) – Do you want the quickest current production car with the most boring name on a current production car? Well, Tesla has you covered with the Model S Plaid.

With a claimed range of 520 miles, a 1.8-second 0-60 time, and a 200-mph top speed, this widebody Model S not only looks awesome, but backs it up with the numbers needed. Hopefully that 1.8 is true, because a dealer clocked that exact same time in a Porsche Taycan Turbo S not too long ago. The ultra-wide, ultra-aggressive body kit on this thing solves the Model S’ typically bland looks and it keeps it looking fresh for a seven-year-old car.

With three motors, two batteries, and a two-speed gearbox, this car has a claimed 1,080-wheel horsepower and 1,250 lb.-ft of torque which is absolutely bonkers for a 4-door sedan. I am typically not a fan of electric cars, especially Teslas, but this one changes that. Yeah sure, the Model 3 is probably the most boring car on the road, and the model Y is a modern-day Pontiac Aztek, but the S Plaid is awesome, and nothing can change that.

One thing that might change that for some people though, is it’s price tag. The Plaid is rumored to start at $138,000, and that is a lot of money. But, considering the Similarly performing Porsche Taycan Turbo S is $205,000, this thing is a steal

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7 thoughts on “The Upcoming Tesla Model S Plaid Is A Maniac Sedan With 1,080hp and More Torque

  1. Matt Cramer

    Needs an interior with the exact same plaid pattern from the movie scene the car is named after.

      1. Matt Cramer

        Considering this is the same guy who actually went through with merchandising “Boring Company – The Flamethrower!”, I’d expect no less.

  2. David Dusterberg

    Or you could save a whole bunch of money @ time of purchase and just buy a Charger Hellcat Redeye Widebody. Only a little slower 0-60, same 200mph+ capability and it won’t sound like a toy.

  3. tw

    Since I’m still waiting for the release of the roadster due for 2020 , or I should say overdue . I will take the announcement of the s Plaid with little serious .

  4. Labweiler

    I’m still waiting for the electric vehicle capable of a 240 mile round trip with heat/defrost blowing when the outside temp is 10 degrees Fahrenheit or less.

    So far no manufacturer ever talks about winter capability because electric cars have none.

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