That Went Well: Watch A Polish Motorcycle Rider Turn A Burnout Into A Ghost Rider Remake

That Went Well: Watch A Polish Motorcycle Rider Turn A Burnout Into A Ghost Rider Remake

Ok, I’m going to let fly an opinion here that may tweak some people the wrong way. Basically, motorcycle burnouts, unless there is a slick tire involved or some sort of racing about to happen, are lame as hell. Seriously, just not that impressive. If the thing is running on nitro and there’s a tire the size of a small child on the motorcycle, we’re in. If you are in Poland and you are going to nose your Suzuki up against a tree and let fly, that’s lame.

Now, style points are certainly awarded for setting yourself on fire as this guy did. The placement right next to the port-johns was really key as well as was the dumping of beers and various liquids to try and quench the flames that were consuming the bike. Hell, the poor guy even used his vest at one point but it seems like someone yelled at him not to do that and he shut that idea down quickly.

There could be another entire discussion had regarding the guy’s haircut but we’re not going there. So then the only real question that remains is how this whole heat induced party got started, right? Clearly the tire shreds and a belt or a chunk of the thing must have whacked an oil line, fuel line, or ignited that cleverly hidden bag of acetylene gas stored there for safe keeping.

I realize that the motorcycle is the guy’s pride and joy and all that stuff but this is pretty funny. He does not seem injured but his Suzuki sure seems to have come out of this one with a black eye! We sincerely hope that Ghost Rider Jr. is back in the saddle…and not doing this again.

Press play below to see this guy really show his pals who’s boss!

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6 thoughts on “That Went Well: Watch A Polish Motorcycle Rider Turn A Burnout Into A Ghost Rider Remake

  1. b

    if one type of burnout is lame as hell, then why arent they all? now maybe blocking the front tire isnt as impressive but i can assure you they are fun no matter what the vehicle, after all its the precusor to donuts. whats not impressive is a website that wont differentiate between new articles and ones they rerun every 3 months as filler, thats lame…

  2. keezling

    I really can’t make a distinction between a motorcycle or car burnout.
    They are equally stupid and destructive. Doenut circles are that plus dangerous. I don’t get it. In drag raceing at least there’s a purpose.

  3. Henrik

    If that bike is the guys prise and joy, i would hate to see what he does to his girlfriends. I would never do that to my car or bike. Maybe an old banger. But i spend Way to much money and time building my car to do that to it. Burnouts are cool and all but not wery healthy for your pride and joy.

  4. geo815

    Hello, Darwin? Yeah, another candidate. Poland, yup. Yup, another biker who likes tire smoke. Cool, you’re welcome. Have a nice day.

  5. RK - no relation

    Tries to blow out the fire…

    Same brain that started the fire. Yes I think you linked this before BangShift

  6. andyb

    Burnouts are cool at times. Cleaning the tires and making them sticky for the dragstrip? Awesome. Hit the tire hard while rolling at freeway speed and leaving stripes for hundreds of yards? Incredible.

    But a bike rider who can’t just hold the bike on the brake to spin the tire? Lame. Just like the Australians that need blown big-blocks to do a burnout? Guys, I’ve torched the rubber on a 53hp Ford Festiva, so your >1000hp machines are less impessive.

    Tire smoke is a lot like huge horsepower. Really cool when it’s got a purpose. But using the latter just to prove you can do the former? Any idiot can spin a tire. Plant that power on the ground and go hurtling towards the horizon? That’s what it’s all about!

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