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Racing Junk Find: This 1965 Chevrolet Biscayne Is Plain Jane Perfection And We Love It!

Racing Junk Find: This 1965 Chevrolet Biscayne Is Plain Jane Perfection And We Love It!

There is something about a set of dog dish hubcaps on steelies that just says horsepower. Or at least it does for a Chevrolet guy. After all, that’s what came on COPO cars and some of the best big block and high horsepower full size Chevrolets ever produced by the General. Don’t get me wrong, a full tilt fully optioned car is awesome too, but there is something about this style of car that just speaks to me. And while this one didn’t start life as a big block, 4-speed car, it has been built into one that really does pay tribute to the originals in mostly the right way. We’d definitely change up the engine compartment a bit, but we’re pretty sure we could have a great time with the built 396 and Muncie.

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This is the second time I have owned this car. I really like it and was happy to buy it back from my friend that has owned it for the past two and one half years. He only made it better during his stewardship.
This car was built in St. Louis as a six cylinder powered car. It now has a built 396, 4 speed Muncie and 12 bolt rear axle with 3.73 gearing.
The restoration began in 1998. At that time, it was completely restored, including powertrain, interior, body and paint and electrical. We have a large file containing receipts from the restoration.
During the restoration, the brake and fuel systems were replaced, all suspension and steering rebuilt, new wiring and alternator installed, the gauges were replaced, the flywheel and clutch were new, the radiator was replaced, all new cranks, handles, knobs, etc. and the exhaust system was new.
In 2006, the engine was once again rebuilt. We have full receipts for that. The heads were done, new water pump installed, new intake manifold and carburetor installed and new headers fitted.
This car starts, runs, drives and stops very well. It certainly has great horsepower. The lope at idle and the exhaust tone signify a “hot” cam.
The body is lazer straight. It takes a good car to wear black paint. This car has a mirror finish. There is no evidence of body repair or damage. The paint looks fabulous, but there are just a few flaws. Not bad for being over 25 years old on a 53 year old car.
The fawn interior still shows exceptionally well. I personally appreciate the color combination. All glass is good.
My friend improved the car with an Aluminum radiator, steering column rebuild, new water pump and a vintage tachometer. He even found a great looking wheel and tire combination.
The car currently rolls on very nice radial tires. They are wrapped around nice condition 15 inch steel wheels. The wheels are adorned with correct hub caps.
This car really draws attention. The mirror-like black finish catches the eye of many. When they see a Biscayne, they think of 6 cylinder. But the lope, exhaust tone and the use of the clutch tell a different story about this car.
It is a blast to drive. There can’t be very many left. Especially running and looking so good.


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4 thoughts on “Racing Junk Find: This 1965 Chevrolet Biscayne Is Plain Jane Perfection And We Love It!

  1. Greg

    Aluminum radiator may not have been needed if he had a fan shroud. It’s not just to keep fingers out of the fan.


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