The Admeyer 1933 Chevrolet Roadster Is One Of The Classiest Hot Rods At SEMA 2015

The Admeyer 1933 Chevrolet Roadster Is One Of The Classiest Hot Rods At SEMA 2015

Cars like this normally don’t catch my eye. Cars like this are not the things that stop me in my tracks and draw me in to see more. Cars like this often require an intimate knowledge of what they started life as to really appreciate what they are now. Cars like this are many times over my head, but not this one. Admeyer is the name of the 1933 Chevy roadster you see here and it is an absolutely stunning creation that drips class from every pore and showcases the pinnacle of the hot rod building realm. It also has an awesome back story.

Originally a three-window coupe, the roof was lopped off in the 1970s to make the car into a roadster. Always well cared for the car moved around through a couple of owners before the current steward of the machine, Greg Meyer got hold of it and drove the car from Mississippi to Oregon back in 2000. On that trip home, Meyer discovered that the (then) 70 year old wooden structure inside the body was pretty well hashed and he decided to fix that issue. The plan was to fix the wood and get right back on the road. 13 years later, this car emerged.

A&M Deluxe Customs was the shop responsible for the work on the car and their hands touched, massaged, and altered every panel on the machine. The bottom of the grill was brought seven inches forward, the custom lift off aluminum top was made there, they reworked the flowing fenders, the running boards, and the doors. The car rides on a custom chassis with 2×6 hand made frame rails, it has a Kugel Komponents front suspension, an LS6 crate engine, stack EFI, a Jag IRS out back, RideTech Shockwaves in the rear, an interior that is beyond spectacular, and House of Kolor Kandy Tangerine paint that looks like you could drown in.

In all of the din and noise that those show is famous for both figuratively and literally, this thing is like an island of mechanical serenity and perfection. A piece of wonderful classical music amongst the hair metal. Cars like this never move to take the time and make words about them. This one did.

Scroll down to check out the truly stunning Admeyer 1933 Chevrolet Roadster –

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  1. Tim Clark

    I’m strictly a fenderless 32 5 wndw flatblack, chrome reversed 3×2 small block kind of guy but this car has made me do at least 3 double takes! I might not want to own it, but it is art!

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