The Chrysler Airflow Is Coming Back As An EV – Here’s a Peek

The Chrysler Airflow Is Coming Back As An EV – Here’s a Peek

(By Tom Lohnes) – As of late 2021, Chrysler is a brand that needs major help. Their 300 sedan just turned 16 and is still in production, and the Pacifica minivan is falling behind to newer Japanese and Korean competitors. And, well, with the success of Dodge, Jeep, and Ram, it is kind of sad to see the “C” in FCA in such dire shape. But they are working on a solution. Its name? Airflow.

That’s right, the Airflow is returning. Using the nameplate of the first-ever aerodynamically designed full-sized Chrysler that debuted all the way back in 1934, this electric crossover plans to revive Chrysler from their decades-long slumber. The concept model was showcased a lot during Stellantis’ EV day event earlier this year, so we have a pretty basic idea of what’s to come. First off, this is going to be a compact/midsize vehicle aimed squarely at Ford’s Mach-E and Tesla’s ubiquitous Model Y. Just like those vehicles, it has car-of-the-future styling, lots of LED lights, and an extremely sleek side profile. The interior was obviously concept-like, so we don’t know much there. But, expect a few large screens, along with the high-quality materials and fit-and-finish high-end Stellantis models have been becoming known for as of late.

So, obviously, this thing is still a decent year or so away. But, a Chrysler official has said that this is “closer than you’d think”, so a debut could really happen any time.

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6 thoughts on “The Chrysler Airflow Is Coming Back As An EV – Here’s a Peek

  1. Brian Cooper

    I like reviving this name plat. The original was ahead of it’s time. I hope this is priced right and not another $50k+ rich boy’s toy. We need some EV’s that the average Joe can afford besides the Datsun Leaf.

    1. Labweiler

      Boom! I laugh every time magazine articles say a vehicle is affordable.
      Since when did affordable mean a base price that exceeds my gross yearly income?

  2. Gary Willis

    Here is my 2 killowats worth or 2 cents worth as back in the 40s ! FCA or owner of the week at the “C” word say they are always trying to distance themselves from the past but every time they bring out a “NEW” vehicle they go deep into the well for a name for it from the past !!! Make up your mind !’ I had a “c” dealer tell me I wish we would just be Dodge Jeep Ram drop the “c” word altogether ! Guess he wants to drop Power Wagon too ! These kids today geeeshhh!


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