There’s A Weird An Insanely Expensive Deuce For Sale – Twin Turbo Ferrari Power! That Stance Tho…

There’s A Weird An Insanely Expensive Deuce For Sale – Twin Turbo Ferrari Power! That Stance Tho…

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside we drop THIS on you! Yes, you are looking at a twin turbo Ferrari powered deuce with one of the more awkward and strange stances we have ever seen. The car sits on four racing slicks which look bad ass but it sits on them like a monster truck sits on those dinky tires that they transport them on.

The car is a masterpiece in many ways, an unfinished one that someone is looking to get $250,000 for but a masterpiece nonetheless. The headers, the frame, the way that the engine is laid out, etc. That is all interesting and unique but the way the car sits is just rough. Remember a few years ago someone came up with that concept that looked like an F1 car with a ’32 Ford body on it? Perhaps this was a shot at that but it just didn’t get there. The key to the concept of the formula style car was the fact that the body was basically sitting level with the tires. This one sits so high over them it looks awkward.

The engine needs finishing. Things like the turbo plumbing and other stuff need to get done. There’s no transmission visible yet, either. The interior is not shown so we’re not sure if that is done or also needs to be finished. Basically you are buying a body, chassis, and cool engine for a quarter million dollars. That’s pretty steep.

Regarding the engine, we’re not smart enough to know if you can just boost the daylights out of a 1989 3.0L Ferrari V8. We’re not experts but we could only find two Ferrari V8s made during the late 1980s. One was the 450hp version that was in the F40 and the other was the 200hp naturally aspirated version in a Mondial. We then found this exact engine in a car called the Lancia Thema. The motor is a 32-valve Tipo 105L which was actually built by Ducati and made about 245hp stock.

We also found a story where the builder claimed that the T4 style turbos were worth 800hp each. Or not.

The best we can tell is that this car was built as a SEMA project and has never really advanced past the mock up stage. Know anything else?


deuce1 deuce2 deuce3 deuce4 deuce5 deuce6

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19 thoughts on “There’s A Weird An Insanely Expensive Deuce For Sale – Twin Turbo Ferrari Power! That Stance Tho…

  1. stitchdup

    Dont like the look of the chassis, (pic 22 of the ad has the best view) it seems to be missing every crossmember between the engine and rear end, and in one of the pics the weight of the engine looks to be bending it too. So probably would need a new frame at the very least

  2. Richard fitzwell

    Thats a lot of jingle for someone elses unfinished project. And wtf does it sit so high???

      1. Livia

        I live so close to Boston but hardly ever go there. Your beautiful photos made me want to go there with fresh eyes. Your photos and desriiptcons really made me feel the joy! Thanks for taking us along on your fabulous day!

  3. john

    Let’s plan a build…spend too much on a motor, buy a frame and lighten the shit out of it, mount the body too high to expose our crappy frame and not finish the turbo piping. Finally…get a cheapo Craigslist add and market it at 250k , Ebay is way too expensive.

  4. Matt Cramer

    It just needs some Super Swampers, a transfer case, and some front suspension parts off a late model Jeep Liberty.

  5. greg miller

    That would be good for getting around in a flood. Sometimes people should not explore their dream car!

  6. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Well at least it hasn’t got an LS in it. Take a saw to the springs and put on some vintage Halibrands and suitable tyres – or use that insane ride height as a bargaining tool. But for that price you could get a better rod built for you so its all a matter of taste and money.

  7. Rob

    Somebodies dream turned into a NIGHTMARE.

    This guy probably looked at all the flathead and sbc and even God forbid I say LS1 (at the risk of upsetting someone) powered 32’s and thought I can go one better.

    Good on him but GEEZ that stance those wheels, and that frame with those body stands/tube thingys??

    At least it’s got a axle but the rest MMMMMMMMMM

    I can appreciate he has a fair bit of coin in it but I think he has too many zero’s on the asking price – WAY TOO many.

    But GOOD luck with that one.

    1. Dorie

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  8. aussie351

    Great concept, poor execution. Like when plastic surgery goes wrong.
    At least it’s not a LS !

  9. DeezLBC

    Yep, just needs a sawzall taken to the chassis and suspension to lower it a foot, reinforced correctly… I take that back. This whole project needs a do-over.


    Turns out it’s a 1/25th scale model.

    “Hey,remember that dinky-donkin’ ’32 Ford -thing that I paid a quarter-million for on Craigslist?”

  11. sbg

    solid front axle, C4 Corvette rear suspension? If there was a cool backstory, then maybe 30k…. but at this point? it looks just like cars I mock at shows for having body-colored suspension bits….

  12. Michael J Tshudy

    Did Gas Monkey build that? Oh yea, I guess not, no air bags! What a disaster.

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