Best of BS 2017: Thieves Literally Drive Off From Plant With Millions Of Dollars In Jaguar Engines

Best of BS 2017: Thieves Literally Drive Off From Plant With Millions Of Dollars In Jaguar Engines

In a crime that is pretty impressive for its completely brazen nature, British thieves rolled up to a Jaguar plant, hooked up to a trailer full of engines and disappeared with them. Apparently noticing how easy it was the first time, they went back an nabbed another one! Unchallenged by any sort of security or plant personnel the haul is estimated to be valued at three million British pounds which is about $3.75 million in US bucks.

The British authorities are actively searching for the suspects, which have not been named. The thieves pulled up at about 10:30pm, entered the plant. Got the necessary paperwork and cruised out of the gate. We have no idea what they plan on doing with all of the engines because they are going to be pretty hard to fence in England. The serial numbers of the motors has to be on record somewhere. We’re not sure how hard it would be to get them out of the country but perhaps that part of the plan was already set up as well.

The truck, the people, and the engines all vanished. Nothing has been located yet but with the full weight of the police and other services on this one we bet there will be news coming soon.

Remember the guys who stole the truckload of Guinness from the brewery in virtually the same fashion as this? Any chance they could have struck again?



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15 thoughts on “Best of BS 2017: Thieves Literally Drive Off From Plant With Millions Of Dollars In Jaguar Engines

    1. Mark Bridgeman

      You’d be surprised at how easy is is to commit this kind of crime. People are paid to do their job, so they focus on it. Out of the corner of their eye they see someone doing something like hooking a truck to the trailer…they assume, that’s his job, not mine. They disregard it and keep on doing their job.

  1. Crazy

    Welp, that is one way to get the insurance company to pay for a batch of engines with a known batch of bad parts..
    Roland we have a batch of bad connecting rods, and they are already in the engines.. , well load them into rigs and Ii’ll take care of it…

    This screams inside job.. of an item with no way to sell them..
    insurance scam comes to mind.
    You don’t just walk into any loading dock, and hook up and go.. Then come back for more..

  2. Glenn

    Reminds me back in the 70’s thieves hooked onto a trailer full of Cannon AE-1 cameras at a Elk Grove Village (or was it Bensenville) warehouse in Illinois and disappeared. I don’t know if that was ever solved. Another brazen tale was at the Chicago auto show many years ago 4 guys with floor jacks and wearing jumpsuits with bogus logos walked in and stole 4 wheels and tires right off a concept car on the showroom floor saying that the design department wanted to change them out. Poof, gone.

    1. Dabidoh Sambone

      Canon AE-1’s you say? That’s my favorite camera of all time, I still use one with my FD lens collection when not shooting with a Sony Alpha 6000. I just spent twenty minutes using all my Google search-fu and mojo trying to find any mention of that caper, to no avail. If you have more details on that heist, drop me a line!

  3. john t

    Reminds me of a few that happened while I worked at Holdens in the late 70’s / early 80’s..there used to be a rail line at the back of the plant and some enterprising soul was going to the transmission plant, loading a handcart with 3 or 4 new trans, walking them to the back of the plant on midnight shift and rolling them out of a hole in the fence. They rolled down the embankment and rested between the plant and the train tracks and then later that night he’d drive his ute between the fence and the rails to retrieve them. A more spectacular one happened a few years later – I was on midnight shift and the plant we were in was next to the main gate – one night we could hear these cars going fast through the plant, an absolute no – no so it got everyone’s notice…we stuck our heads out the door to see about 6 new Commodores low flying out the front gate….. turns out the guys knew how we operated, walking in witjh the midnight crew when we started – out the back there were about a thousand brand new cars to choose from, every one of them has its keys on top of the drivers front tyre. Hop in, start it up, drive it away….

  4. Nitromike66

    Reminds me of a guy that stole an F-16 fighter jet engine when I was in the air force. Would have got away with if he hadn’t tried to sell it to undercover F.B.I. agents!

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