This 1974 Torino Was Factory Ordered By The Feds With A 460, Locker, and More – Cool!

This 1974 Torino Was Factory Ordered By The Feds With A 460, Locker, and More – Cool!

While we cannot say for sure, we think you are probably looking at the fastest car one could have ordered from Ford in 1974. We’re not kidding. This 460 powered Tornio was ordered (according to the seller) by the Federal government and one of just 240 built to these specific police specs. It has dual exhaust, heavy duty suspension, a 3.23 rear axle, oil and trans coolers, power steering cooler, low gear lock out, a locker in the rear end, and a beefy C-6 transmission. No, by modern standards it is not fast but for the standards of 1974, we’re guessing that this sedan moved out pretty damned well.

The 460 was never offered in this car to the public. The 429 was part of the program in the earlier parts of the 1970s so fitting the big block was not a big deal but it is still cool to see this machine knowing that John Q Public could not buy it new. Curb weight on these cases ranged from about 3,300lbs on the low end and 4,000lbs on the upper. We think it looks awesome in the light blue paint and steel wheels with the poverty cap dishes in the center of them. The big, giant bumpers are goofy as hell, the interior has been redone, and the car has an optimistic but cool 140mph certified speedo in it.

The person selling this car seems to be a cop car collector or enthusiast because there is another vintage cruiser sitting in the shop next to the Torino.

What do you think? Was this the hottest car in the 1974 Ford lineup, even though it was not anywhere near the actual 1974 Ford lineup? While it would be unimpressive it would be fun to run it up against a panther platform car to see how they wold do against each other.

Check out the photos below and then hit the CL link to see more of this 1974 Tornio –

Torino1 Torino2 Torino3 Torino4 Torino5

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7 thoughts on “This 1974 Torino Was Factory Ordered By The Feds With A 460, Locker, and More – Cool!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Fart Barf and Itch actually have a modicum of taste!

    It beats James Bond’s faggot Aston Martins into the weeds…

  2. Rick Lester

    FYI, 1974 is the first year for the dual exhaust 4 barrel 460 in a Ford Torino, also could get a single exhaust 460 in a station wagon, 429 was last seen in a Torino was 1973.


    I’ve heard tell of this particular FBI car over the years but had never seen one. It is absolutely perfect in every way…I’d cut my own left nut off for it without blinking….well..maybe a blink…and a wimper…. but hell at this point in my life it is not like I would miss it…..spectacular car….

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