This Little Kid’s Reaction To Drifting Around In A Car With His Dad Is Flipping Awesome

This Little Kid’s Reaction To Drifting Around In A Car With His Dad Is Flipping Awesome

What you see in the lead photos is the face of unbridled joy and happiness. What you see in the lead photo is the birth of a gearhead. What you see in the lead photo is a moment lots of us experienced as a kid in one form or another. The little kid riding shotgun with his dad in the video loves every second of his old man accelerating hard, sliding sideways, and hooning the wheels off of what looks to be the family station wagon. It is hilarious and awesome. For me, that same face was made on many occasions in the back seat of my dad’s 1964 Pontiac GTO as a kid. I can remember the feeling of being forced back in the seat when he gave that thing the gusto and it certainly planted the seeds for my obsession with cars and speed. This little guy now has this experience imprinted deep into the cortex of his brain so he’s as screwed as the rest of us!

I’ve never put my kids into danger in the car but we have had some fun. I can’t deny visiting a snowy parking lot of two this winter to slide around in the snow and yes, they have felt what it is like to merge onto the highway in a fast car before. There’s no real indication of where this drifting session is happening with the dad and kiddo you’ll see in the video. The whole thing is pretty gentle and low speed and it doesn’t seem to include a single Oh S%^t moment so we’re going to assume it is in a big parking lot or something. There’s lots of fun to be had in places like that…or so we’ve been told. We do know that the video was made in Russia. Which is shocking because it has happy people enjoying themselves and not something bizarre or tragic happening.

You’ll smile and laugh right along with this little kid. Truly a fun video to watch on a Saturday morning.


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13 thoughts on “This Little Kid’s Reaction To Drifting Around In A Car With His Dad Is Flipping Awesome

  1. Anonymous

    Thats great! I’m sure there are some child protective services safety Nazis who would be screaming for this guys head on a platter here… maybe Russia isn’t so bad after all! LOL

  2. old-dad

    Many years ago, my family enjoyed “spin school” following snowstorms. The local K mart was always tardy in clearing their lot.

    Add in a 5 speed rwd Celica with hand brake, 2 kids in the back, and a wife co pilot.

    One night we attempted to break our 5 spin record.

    Everything was going swimmingly until I heard the dreaded “ROWLF” from the back seat.

    School was cancelled, forever.

  3. Steve Bolin

    Awesome dad, he might have been a bit green at the end but he was loving it. Don’t listen to any haters bub, there’s nothing wrong with family fast!

  4. Schtauffer

    Ok, I’m feeling inspired. It’s snowing like mad here at the moment. When my little guy wakes up from his nap… 🙂

  5. Hotrod lincoln

    Unfortunately I can’t do this with my kid, poor guy gets motion sickness badly, a five-ten min ride is all it takes…its sad cause he loves cars/trucks….anything with wheels.

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