Help Us Understand: This Trike Is Basically A 2000 Saturn With Reduced Seating Capacity –

Help Us Understand: This Trike Is Basically A 2000 Saturn With Reduced Seating Capacity –

So we often find things that we don’t really fully comprehend on the internet. And listen, we’re the first people to celebrate the fact that when people build something weird or wild for themselves, it’s a personal accomplishment that doesn’t need to mean anything to anyone else. This kind of changes when the idea becomes selling it, right? Because when we sell something we have to identify a market, a potential buyer, and maybe highlight the positive aspects of whatever’s for sale.

In this case the thing that’s for sale is a pretty huge trike that is, in one form or another, a 2000 Saturn with less seating capacity than it originally had. The works of the Saturn are in the massive rear bustle of this machine and they provide the motivation and rear suspension. It’s the front clip of the car, basically. Ahead of that is an extended seating area where two people can ride in high backed bucket seated comfort while breathing fresh air. The seats are totally adjustable and likely pretty comfy.

Up front there’s a fork with a tire on it, some handle bars and the Saturn dash. The rig shifts with the pedals and seemingly has the same basic hand controls a normal motorcycle would have.

This is a creative project that has likely traveled many trouble free miles down the highway. We’re just wondering if there’s anyone out there looking to spend some $35,000 on it.

eBay: This trike is basically a Saturn with reduced seating capacity – we’re lost here

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9 thoughts on “Help Us Understand: This Trike Is Basically A 2000 Saturn With Reduced Seating Capacity –

  1. KCR

    Well you answered the first part of your question ,your self. We build goofy stuff just because we can. And being that I have done some like projects. When and if it comes time to part with it. One I traded off. The other was used as parts for other projects. Its real hard to find a buyer for such an odd ball custom. And at $35K . I would say he will own it for a long time.

  2. Matt Cramer

    This does look like it could be a fun thing to throw together out of a motorcycle with a seized engine and a wrecked Saturn. But he’s attached a serious-money price to a horsing around with scrap project. To be fair, it looks like serious-money fabrication too, but who else is going to pay for it? Maybe he’d first built one out of scrap and liked it so much he wanted to see what it would be like with a higher end fit and finish?

  3. Robert

    With the Redline engine they had in the Sky back when Saturn still existed, this thing could be very fun!


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