Video Of Corvette Museum Sinkhole Released – Helicopter Drone Footage From Inside The Hole!

Video Of Corvette Museum Sinkhole Released – Helicopter Drone Footage From Inside The Hole!

Here’s newly released video showing the sinkhole swallowing Corvettes at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This does not show all the cars going in, but a few. It looks like a scene from a sci-fi movie!

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26 thoughts on “Video Of Corvette Museum Sinkhole Released – Helicopter Drone Footage From Inside The Hole!

  1. Trevon

    I could care less about the other ones but that ’84 PPG is such a sad loss 🙁 i couldn’t see it in any of the other pictures so im assuming its buried

  2. Mike Krall

    As hard core a Ford guy as I am, this makes me sick. This is automotive history being destroyed. I feel very sad for The Corvette Museum and the loss of these great cars.

  3. Appaloosa 0012

    Perhaps: Outsourcing engineering , really poor planning, failed study of the soil/foundation.
    Glad nobody was there at the time, could have been a really different story.

  4. David C. Horsnall

    I dont know if it was a sink hole collapse or sub par work cause it very strange that it is a perfect circle inside the rotunda. Guess we’ll wait for the report. Great loss non the less and I hope those cars can be repaired.

    1. Joseph

      From the looks of the other pictures, it’s not a perfect circle. Apparently there was other areas on the property that caved in. I certainly hope those cars can be repaired as well!

  5. john

    Not that it would have helped much but that concrete job looked a bit shoddy. Thin as hell and without wire or rebar. The earth must have fallen away very fast because that floor would not have held up very long the way it was constructed. I would not be surprised if one or all of those cars will end up in the recharge pit next to the building.

  6. Rick

    WOW!!!! This is a sad day in the Corvette world. Two were on loan from GM,one was one of,Never put in to production.How can you replace that? Just glad that no one was hurt. The wife and I stopped here on our way back from the East coast,a couple years ago.Very worth while stop

  7. Anonymous

    Certainly all of these cars are part of Corvette history and it would be a shame to lose any of them, but I’m amazed at how many people don’t seem to care about the 62. Either these people are on the wrong website or I am!

  8. Cletus T Rickenbacher 3rd

    If that red column is part of the support for the building, then they are screwed. It doesn’t appear to have much earth left under it. And there are some deeper holes just to the right of the maroon Vette that is standing on it’s nose.

  9. Jeff Carmichael

    what a tragedy and a loss of some historical cars.
    Been there a few times , its just a good thing no loss of Life.
    The Blue GM loaner one of one and the 62 are the ones that hurt me the most , but the destruction of any muscle car a loss in my opinion.

  10. Gene

    Total hoax. Look at the proportion of the quad copter’s legs to the size of the car. The yellow leg would be smaller than the wheel, but it’s as big as the whole car!!

      1. Gene

        Nope. Total global warming denier. Look at the proportions of the cars to the legs of the quad copter. Watch the “security video” and see how the cars don’t wobble or shake as the floor is collapsing under them. Then not how quickly the floor collapses , the cars disappear, and the minimal dust cloud appears out of the collapse. I’m telling you , bro, someone’s pulling a joke here. Also, a couple of the cars have already been listed on Craigslist. Why would that be?

        1. Joseph

          I know I’m not supposed to feed the trolls, but…

          First off, the frame rate is incredibly low in the video. You’re not seeing it at 30fps, so you’re not going to notice if they wobble a little. But you can obviously see it .

          Second, I’m surprised you can’t tell that the copter’s legs are right in front of the camera. It’s perspective.

          Third, the “minimal dust” is due to a number of things. The dust is contained within the cavity, underneath the floor when the initial cave-in happens. When things like this collapse, you typically see the majority of dust is produced out the sides of the base of whatever it is collapsing. If that pressure doesn’t have the ability to go out the sides, it’s going to go up along the edges of its container. If you look at the pictures of the entire cavity, the hole shown in the security footage shows a mere fraction of the actual size of the cavity. Any dust that flies up from it after the fall is going to hit the underneath of the flooring that is still intact. It’s not ALL going to shoot up through the open hole. Now, in order to relieve pressure, a portion of it will bust through the hole in the flooring, and you can see that. If you watch, the massive cave in begins to happen around 0:09 in the video and completes around 0:15. On top of that, this does not show the collapse of the rest of the floor.

    1. Gene

      I’m just saying something seems a bit fishy. The sinkhole is very deep with a huge evacuated space. And where is the water? there’s no water anywhere in the videos.

  11. Dave

    Seriously a very sad deal. I have been to the plant many times but never had time to visit the museum. I will definately take the time soon. As a Corvette owner and an old car enthusiast I am sad to see the 62 sitting there with cracked body panels and what looks like a bent frame, not to mention the one of a kinds and the special builds. They have a lot of talented people at the prototype build center plus the numerous corvete restorers around the country. I’m sure they will find a way to put these back together. What a shame it happened but fortunately it was during off hours and no one got hurt.

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