Watch Our Buddy James Crosby Attack The Autocross Course In The RideTech West Coast Camaro – No Dead Cones

Watch Our Buddy James Crosby Attack The Autocross Course In The RideTech West Coast Camaro – No Dead Cones

Our pal James Crosby is a pretty neat guy. He’s one heck of a fabricator and hot rod builder, his whole life has been spent around racing and hot rods, and he’s the go-to guy on the west coast for RideTech knowledge and information. He also owns the shop That Chad would invade each week for our PowerShift LIVE show (which will be coming back, we promise!). Chad’s invasions were cool because Crosby always has the shop fridge filled with Tecate and our modus operandi was to make sure there was less in there when we left than there was when we got there. When he is not building hot rods, working on RideTech product development or running the tires  off of new products at test sessions on the track, he’s at events like the Hot Rod and Street Machine Nationals that recently went down at the Pomona Fairplex.

At that event BS Sponsor Total Cost Involved Engineering sponsored and autocross. The competition was hot and heavy and Crosby acquitted himself well, wheeling the RideTech West Coast Camaro around the course and not killing any cones (that we could see). Having a competitive presence at events like this has long been a part of the RideTech brand and for good reason. When you see this car hammering the course and then you hear Crosby talk about the fact that the car was built with bolt on pieces and not loads of crazy fabrication it sends a clear message of “you can do this!” to people that are interested in the scene.

Aside from all that stuff, Crosby’s history in racing is multi-generational. His dad was the crew chief on the famed Goldenrod land speed car. Yeah, seriously. We just said that. Knowing all that stuff gives you a little background on the dude you’ll see on film below. He can also bust chops like nobody’s business so when you step into that shop, check your ego at the door!

Press play below to see what the Ridetech West Coast Camaro can do with an ace wheelman at the controls!


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