Watch The Dodge Brothers Rip Along During A 100-Year Car Chase In This Cool New Ad

Watch The Dodge Brothers Rip Along During A 100-Year Car Chase In This Cool New Ad

Chrysler is living a weird double life right now. They have the whole Dodge mojo working with the Hellcat powered Challenger and Charger, they have the blown Challenger Drag Pack on the way, and they have a pretty robust of engines that fall below that Hellcat mill to keep things interesting as well. They are also producing a LOT of killer advertising. Chad showed off some good ones recently and this one is probably the best of the bunch, featuring “John and Horace Dodge” battling it out in a car chase that spans 100 years of performance cars from the company. It is a fun watch and there are some really cool cars in the video. It is about a minute long and you can press play below to see it.

On the flip side of the double life, there’s everything else that’s going on. They just killed the pentastar logo, they are turning the Jeep brand into some sort of horrid joke one model at a time and there’s this ever louder drumbeat of pushing manufacturing off shore. There’s also the Ram Promaster which is the most horrible looking thing ever to fall out the end of the factory. There are parts of us that think the whole Hellcat thing is a pretty good “shiny thing” diversion for all of us to stare at as the company jettisons more and more of its domestic presence in stuff like road racing. Maybe we’re wrong but when the “hits” just keep on coming, it makes us wonder.

So…back to that shiny thing. This is a fun ad and it was really well done. Which classic Dodge would you take from this 100 year car chase?


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6 thoughts on “Watch The Dodge Brothers Rip Along During A 100-Year Car Chase In This Cool New Ad

  1. Cletus T Rickenbacher 3rd

    In order of want;

    1) D-500
    2) Coronet R/T
    3) Challenger
    4) Charger
    5) Coupe
    6) Roadster

    Please call ahead before you drop them off, so I be sure to be home to sign for them.

  2. Matt Cramer

    Two random thoughts about it:

    1. What, no Charger GLHS? 🙂 Ok, so there was a pretty big gap between the Coronet R/T and the new Charger. The mid ’90s Viper might have worked to fill it – or possibly a Stealth R/T.

    2. Given the questions about scrapping the Viper, I wonder if there’s some significance to one showing up at the end – but not in the hands of either brother. That’s probably overthinking it, but that is a good way to provoke a lot of speculation.

  3. Grancuda

    Definitely not made by a Mopar gear head. That ’69 in purple is just wrong, why not throw on a big ole Daytona wing, pistol grip shifter & 15×7 rallye’s on that ’69 too.

  4. BeaverMartin

    I’d like to see one with an Aspen, Diplomat, Omni, woodgrain Caravan, Neon, and Avenger. Kind of a worst of the worst, rouges gallery. That would be cool.

  5. Gary Smrtic

    With all of the performance cars we had, and that our Dad helped us tune, take to the track, etc, his favorite was the D-500 with the little hemi. My brother and I tried to find one for several years so he could drive one again, but we never did find one. Dad was a performance car guy, and Mopar was the brand. We had his ’56 D-500, a ’58 & ’59 Royals, a ’64 Max Wedge, ’67 GTX’s one with a 440 auto, one with a hemi 4 speed/dana combo, my ’69 Dart 383 GTS, my brother’s ’68 Road Runner, then Superbird, and on and on. But Dad always had a soft spot for his ’56…That’s the one that stands out to me in this video, for that reason.

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