Watch Two Stock Car Racers In A Blind Rage Turn Bowman Gray Stadium Into A Two Man Demo Derby Ring During A Race!

Watch Two Stock Car Racers In A Blind Rage Turn Bowman Gray Stadium Into A Two Man Demo Derby Ring During A Race!

We often find ourselves saying stuff like, “this is the craziest thing you will see today” or “you really won’t believe this,” and the majority of the time we’re saying it because that was our natural reaction when we laid eyes on whatever video or situation that’s posted for your reading or watching pleasure. Today we find ourselves lacking the vocabulary to properly explain what you are about to see. Actually, we have the vocabulary but we’re choosing to keep a lid on it as to not send people into orbit with our horrid and profane language. These are two guys who go so far off the handle that the land somewhere in the next county.

Look, we have all seen racers get pissed and crash each other out, right? This makes that look like something a rocket scientist would do because drivers Derek Stoltz (driving the #02) and Scott Hall (in the #54) get into a tangle that degenerates to the lowest possible level as each man purposefully rams his car into the other in an attempt to completely destroy the other racer’s equipment. This goes so far over the line that the race stops and the men CHASE EACH OTHER THROUGH THE PARKED FIELD!

Bowman Gray Stadium is one of the oldest operating weekly race tracks in America and it is actually a stadium. That grass area in the middle? Yeah, that’s where a college football team plays its home games. No bull, that’s the truth. The course is a 1/4 mile oval and some of the greatest names in the sport of stock car racing have won races there over the years. Sadly, over the last 5-10 years the place has become far more known for wacko antics like this. Remember the reality show “Madhouse” that followed the local stock car racing teams over a season of action at this place? Yeah, that didn’t really help the image of the facility and this video won’t either.

That being said, you can see how the majority of racers handled this situation. They got their stuff stopped and waited for these two maroons to finish their business. The really bad deal would have been one of the stopped racers having their cars damaged by the Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd routine that these schmos put on. No word on the punishment for the drivers but chances are that they’ll have plenty of time to fix their junk before seeing this track again.


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15 thoughts on “Watch Two Stock Car Racers In A Blind Rage Turn Bowman Gray Stadium Into A Two Man Demo Derby Ring During A Race!

  1. tigeraid

    Sadly common at good ol’ Bowman-Gray, it’s definitely not “the craziest thing you’ll see” there. More like the average Saturday night.

    As a stockcar racer myself I find it awful, but I’ll give them this: at least they know their fans and they know their product. That places is packed every single night.

    Hate to be the body man the next morning though.

  2. VRMN8R

    Leave the stupidity at the gate ……
    No place for ” children ” on the battlefield

  3. Colin Hallahan

    Bowman Gray is nothing but a pathetic excuse for a race track that goes for these simple minded drivers as well. The only thing they excel at is making themselves all look like a bunch of inbred redneck hillbillys. They should be arrested and charged and NEVER be allowed to enter a race car ever again.

    Great job guys you have accomplished yourselves as being the most idiotic pathetic excuse for a human being.

  4. Leroy Jones

    This has gone on at BG since I started going in the late ’50’s. The best was Bobby Allison and Curtis Turner (in Jr Johnsons car). They were cutting across the infield to hit each other. The only salvageable sheet metal was the roof panel.

  5. HollyRidge

    They should be permanently banned. No sense in acting like a bunch of fools tearing up race cars that crews work their butts off on. Just goes to show what they think about those people.

  6. Robyn

    Racing is racing – people go to BGS to watch the drama and be a part of it . You all know the story going in – you cant bitch when it happens. Damn I would kill to have this track in my back yard. Instead I am stuck watching the most boring races on TV with robotic cookie cutter drivers that only know how to drivel out sponsors. You are being sent Back To The Future every week with old school madness and rivalries. If you are afraid of being hurt , race or watch elsewhere. If there is madness – dear Lord be thankful!

  7. Lee Rhynnold

    They should both be suspended for at least 2 yrs reminds me of Gary Bettman’s NHL and could not help but notice the idiots clapping and to Robyn that is NOT racing

  8. Rob James

    Unfortunately, the long term ramifications if stuff like this will kill the sport in the end. Despite the short term “entertainment” that comes from this stuff, long term kills car counts, costs the sports racers….sponsors… and in the end speedways.

    I am a racer…..know what its like to lose a temper……but this is to over the top.

  9. John

    Both of those drivers are idiots and a disgrace to racing. Not only did they jeopardize their cars, but they had no regard to any of the other cars. Not only are they idiots, but so are several of the fans in the stands. For the fans to be cheering that on, while the idiots were putting several cars in danger, shows how clueless the fans and two drivers are. What a disgrace all these people bring to the sport of racing.

  10. Ronald

    I know of several racers who have left Bowman Gray to find greener and better races. It’s sad but if these guys would of finished 1 and 2 they would of got 50 bucks, maybe. It don’t pay to race at B.G. They take in a ton of money and they don’t pay crap. So when some idiot wrecks your car that 15 bucks you got for tenth place sucks. These guys are doing just what the stadium wants them to do. Really the City of Winston-Salem wants them to do. So they can find a way to slam the doors on the track and give it to Winston-Salem State University. It sad but this is the only event in Winston-Salem they can make money on……..But thanks to a few more idiots and the “Madhouse” mentality one day this track will be in the history books. I used to like going to the track and racing but after almost 15 years of guys spinning you out for 11th place it gets old. It’s a really fun track to race on but the little guys get no credit for what they do. It will always be the Modifieds and Sportsman…There’s two other divisions.

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