Would You Own It? This Small Block Powered GEO Tracker May Be Fast But Is It Cool?

Would You Own It? This Small Block Powered GEO Tracker May Be Fast But Is It Cool?

The formula has withstood the test of time. Powerful V8 in light and perhaps unexpected vehicle is the jam well into the 21st century. Cars like the Jaguar F-Type R use high horsepower V8 mills in vehicles the size of a bathroom carpet. Home builders have been in on this for decades as well and the results have been seen at tracks and venues all over the country with varying results. But is there a limit, a line, a spot where it just does’t work? This small block powered GEO Tracker seems like the logical vehicle to spur such a question. The drivetrain seems boss but the exterior wrapper, that’s the thing that will get people up on the tire about this build.

You will see the truck in two different paint schemes below in the photos and in the ad. As of right now the thing has been plastic-dipped and the shined up “Tracker SS” paint job is still under there and being protected by the plastic-dip job. The engine is a tried and true old school 23-degree headed small block Chevrolet with no nitrous, blower, etc. Just a 400+ ci hunk of loving under there that is backed by an automatic transmission and likely the stock rear axle that came in the thing. With even mild power, this Tracker has to be a riot drive. The short wheelbase and low weight both add to the fun factor. If you can believe it, these things shipped at like 2,800lbs of curb weight.

Notable additions to this build are the roll bar, five point harnesses, and the “slap shifter” as advertised by the seller. We think it would be fun to rip around it, we’d just be worried about being seen by anyone we know. Hey, Freiburger claims that “going fast IS looking good” and in most cases we agree, we’re just not sure this is one of them.

Is a fast GEO Tracker a cool GEO Tracker or will nothing with the look and history of this thing ever escape itself. Would you drive it?


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10 thoughts on “Would You Own It? This Small Block Powered GEO Tracker May Be Fast But Is It Cool?

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I would hate to change the diapers of the giant baby that plays with this hunka shit! Even worse would be the fear that it would regard me as something to insert into its nose….

  2. mooseface

    I’ve played with a few stock Trackers and they’re basically car LEGOs; tear ’em apart, slap ’em together however you like and they’ll always be cool in a way. I like this thing, it’s definitely a great little project car for folks on a tight budget.
    I am, however, glad that they’ve got a cage in there, these things roll easy under their own power, much less SBC power.

  3. Sam Strube

    It’s like kissin’ yer sister… it might feel ok, but you don’t want your friends seeing you doing it!

  4. Threedoor

    Heck yeah, my wife has a 93 four door Sidekick 2WD and I’m not ashamed to say I love that thing. As for rolling them, its a LOT harder to do than the lying jerks at consumer reports said it was.

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