Homebuilt Perfection: This 1955 GMC Wrecker Was Made By A Body Shop More Than A Half-Century Ago

Homebuilt Perfection: This 1955 GMC Wrecker Was Made By A Body Shop More Than A Half-Century Ago

This is the second old rusty truck today that I have fallen head over heels in love with. I’m still trying to find the right project car to shove in the garage here at BangShift Eastern World HQ and all of a sudden a 1955 GMC may have raced into the lead.

This wrecker is amazing because it was made by a Tulsa, Oklahoma area body shop likely about 60 years ago. It has a simple a-frame made of steel pipe (pretty easy to come by in Tulsa!), a Tulsa brand winch, a sling, and that’s about it. The truck has plenty of surface rust and patina, apparently rotten cab corners, but the good stuff is all there. This thing would have had a Pontiac V8 in it from the factory back in ’55 but over time that engine was swapped for a 283ci Chevy small block. That engine apparently smokes so bad that you cannot see around it, so it’ll need help. The truck has all the glass, it has all the trim which is inside the cab, and it has some cool custom modifications.

I love the way that the back of the bed was modified for added clearance when a car is on the sling and the whole character of the truck. Rust repair, maybe spruce up the wrecker rig, and re-ring the engine and then have a blast cruising.

Hmmmm…..I may need to get in on this thing.

eBay: This 1955 GMC wrecker was home built and it owns our heart 

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10 thoughts on “Homebuilt Perfection: This 1955 GMC Wrecker Was Made By A Body Shop More Than A Half-Century Ago

  1. Piston Pete

    I’ve been a BangShifter for long enough to know that Brian gets all a-flutter over stuff like this and that’s cool, but did you learn nothing from Brutus? Far be it from me to give advice but why would you want to get directly involved in the ownership/resurrection of this monstrosity?
    Did you ever get a garage built? If yes, why clutter it up with this POS? If no, use the money to build one (a garage, not an ancient wrecker). If that fails to get you through this crisis, rent a Hellcat SUV and take the family on a road trip to The International Towing & Recovery Hall Of Fame and Museum in Chattanooga, TN. That might help, but for all I know you’re on it’s board of directors. If not, maybe you should be. Anyway, have a great weekend in Pomona and hopefully you’ll come out of this fantasy unscathed.

  2. Larry

    Having done a 58 many years ago – you have NO idea how much rust is here until it’s too late. These were terrible.

  3. Jay Bree

    That’s a GREAT truck. Looks good… patina comes with it being a wrecker.

    It’s a 60 year old vehicle, of course it has a little rust, but it’s a WRECKER for heavens sake.

  4. ratpatrol66

    6 lug front wheels and 8 lug rear? That doesn’t matter, this needs a Pontiac engine again. As far as rust goes? That’s nothing a few road signs can’t fix! Buy it Lohnes, I dare you!!!

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