This 1972 Brockway G90 Truck Is A Detroit Diesel V12 Powered Stunner

This 1972 Brockway G90 Truck Is A Detroit Diesel V12 Powered Stunner

Brockway Trucks may not longer exist as a company but there’s a huge amount of enthusiasm for the brand that’s carried on by trucking collectors and enthusiasts. Heck, one of our own BangShifters owns a vintage Brockway and loves it. Based in Courtland, New York the company was around from 1912 to 1977 and along the way evolved from a carriage maker to a heavy duty truck manufacturer known for reliable and robust designs. During WWII they manufactured some specialty trucks for the military that handled jobs like bridging but their big growth period was after the war and through the 1950s and 1960s. The brand was bought by Mack in the middle 1950s and with those resources really found its footing in the market place.

This truck that we found for sale on eBay is a 1972 model and it is pretty amazing in every respect. The seller claims that a local material hauling company bought about 10 of these trucks, specially outfitted with heavy duty components and massive Detroit Diesel V12 engines for hauling sand to jobs. As a kid he saw (and heard!) the trucks working and became kind of obsessed with them. As an adult he tracked one down in Connecticut and bought it for himself and then had the truck restored to the literal museum quality you see here. The truck was on display at the Brockway Trucks museum in Cortland for years and now it is time to send it along to a new home. The asking price is well north go $200,000 and while we don’t know if it is worth that much we do know tat the restoration must have been at least that much when you see how detailed it is. This trucks is quite literally nicer than new.

Brockway Trucks ceased to exist in 1977 when Mack stopped producing them after a prolonged labor battle. It was a sad end to the brand and a blow to the area as the factory and its ancillary businesses employed lots of people. This truck stands as a reminder of what the peak of Brockway awesomeness looked like and damn if we wouldn’t love a chance to row the gears!


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2 thoughts on “This 1972 Brockway G90 Truck Is A Detroit Diesel V12 Powered Stunner

  1. Big Sky Dreamer

    Man, I’d love to hear the sound of this thing, wound up, pulling a big, heavy load up some mountain pass!!!!! Sweet music!

  2. Eddie J Weigel

    One of my favorite trucks the brockway especially with the 12 v THE BUZZIN DOZEN What a sound that detroit had Beautiful rig

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